Wöhner Presents Groundbreaking Motor Starters MOTUS C14 Based on C14-Technology
Wednesday, January 20, 2021
by: Wöhner

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  • Motor starter as direct, reversing or optional as soft starter for motors up to 5,5 kW or for switching resistive loads
  • Extremely fast switch off times in case of a short circuit, less space requirement and comprehensive functions for communication, diagnostics and data logging are among the key features of the MOTUS C14 from Wöhner
  • Further advantages of the motor starter are the intuitive, interactive operating concept and a communication interface
  • The new motor starter can be used in all Wöhner basic systems
Rödental, November 24, 2020 – With the motor starters of the MOTUS C14 series from Wöhner, short circuits become less scary. If an error occurs, the electronics switch off the motor within a maximum of 10 microseconds. This means that the MOTUS C14 reacts faster than any fuse and this with a low I2t value. By comparison, the reaction time of a conventional fuse-link is about 2,000 microseconds. With a circuit breaker, the switch-off time in case of a fault is even 5,000 microseconds.

The C14-Technology also ensures that the system is intrinsically safe and can be switched on again immediately after the fault has been cleared. Other advantages of MOTUS C14 include space savings of 75 percent compared to conventional reversing starters and easy mounting and dismounting. The MOTUS C14 product series is equipped with a CrossLink interface and can therefore be used on all Wöhner basic systems. It can be directly connected to the CrossBoard and with basic system adapter also to the other systems 30Compact, 60Classic, 185Power and Panel.

Fuseless motor protection and user-friendliness in compact size.

Interactive operating concept included

The MOTUS C14 product family is equipped with a commissioning assistant with interactive menu navigation. This makes it easier for the user to enter the relevant parameters for initial commissioning and prevents operating errors. The MOTUS C14 CONNECT PLUS variant with OLED display is particularly convenient to enter using arrow keys. Alternatively, users can also enter the parameters via the ServiceTool user interface or the communication interface.

The MOTUS C14 allows different motor characteristics to be set and has an interactive and LED-guided maintenance and fault management system. MOTUS C14 also provides comprehensive diagnostic and data logging functions. The data can be read out via a USB or IO-Link interface. If a fault occurs, a solution assistant on the display shows possible causes of the fault and thus reduces downtimes. By reading out the data, the MOTUS C14 components are also ideally equipped for predictive maintenance applications.

"With the MOTUS C14, we’ve designed this new generation to meet our customers desires for future-proof machinery and plant constructions: it features space savings, intuitive user guidance, integrated communication and measurement technology, plus fuseless, restartable motor protection and intelligent integration in central or decentralized systems. The development work was extremely demanding, but it was the start of a promising direction for the future: the introduction of electronic features into the Wöhner system world. The MOTUS C14 is a genuine ‘Wöhner Made in Germany product’,” says Philipp Steinberger, CEO at Wöhner.

Two device variants

The MOTUS C14 series offers two variants:

MOTUS C14 CONNECT PLUS: This premium variant is available in three current ratings: 2.6 A, 6.6 A and 12 A. It can be used for motors IE2, IE3 and IE4 as 3-pole direct and reversing starter or for switching resistive loads. Using the display and the arrow keys, the parameterization can be carried out directly on the system or via the USB interface using the Service Tool. There is also an interface for connection via IO-Link to a PLC and output of measured data.

MOTUS C14 CONNECT: The direct, reversing and optional as soft starter is available in 2.6 A and 6.6 A types. It can be used as a 3-pole motor starter (IE2, IE3, IE4) or for switching resistive loads. As with the CONNECT PLUS, there is an IO-Link interface for a PLC and the measured data output.

Technical details of the MOTUS C14 at a glance

Rated operating voltage: 130 - 500 V (IEC), 130 - 480 V (UL)

Rated operating current: 2.6 A 1.1 kW / 6.6 A 3 kW / 12.0 A 5.5 kW (only CONNECT PLUS)

Short circuit resistance: 100 kA, coordination type 1 and 2

Control voltage: 24 V

Electrical switching cycles: > 30 million

Connections: Control and load pluggable

Further Information
Detailed information about MOTUS C14 can be found here: www.motus-c14.de/en

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