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Monday, February 18, 2013
by: AHTD

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Brian Reelitz and Hank Norem of Ramco Innovations


Todd Youngblood interviews Brian Reelitz and Hank Norem of Ramco Innovations on Manufacturing Revival Radio.

We had a great time speaking with Brian Reelitz and Hank Norem, President and CFO of Ramco Innovations, respectively. Ramco Innovations is a leading distributor of factory automation products and solutions with a focus on great customer service and innovative product offerings.

Show Highlights and Notes:

1. We learn the history and background of Ramco Innovations.
2. How has the industry changed during Ramco’s 50 years of experience.
3. What’s the best way to serve your market while providing excellent customer service?
4. Using a consultative sales approach to provide solutions.
5. How staying Lean helps organizations become competitive.
6. Maintaining a diverse customer base helps distribute risk in an uncertain economy.
7. What does Ramco see as emerging trends in Manufacturing.
8. The value of being a Association of High Technology Distributors (AHTD) member.
9. Click here to learn more about Brian Reelitz.
10. Click here to learn more about Hank Norem.

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Neil Montgomery of Davis Controls Ltd.


Todd Youngblood interviews Neil Montgomery of Davis Controls Ltd. on Manufacturing Revival Radio.

It started on a bicycle

We continued learning today during our discussion with Neil Montgomery, President of Davis Controls Ltd. and current president of the Association of High Technology Distributors (AHTD). Mr. Montgomery shared with us how since he was a young boy Davis Controls Ltd. has always played a role in his life. Following in his father’s footsteps, the passion that Mr. Montgomery has for Davis Controls is undeniable as you listen to our discussion about his company. From informing us about how in 1933, the original founder, Mr. Cecil Davis began the company literally making sales calls on his bicycle in Toronto, Canada – to 80 years later serving a wide variety of markets all across Canada – it’s a great story.

All across Canada

With 80 years as a national distributor of process controls and industrial instruments, Davis Controls has a well proven and deserved reputation within all the markets they serve. For many companies, being as diverse as Davis Controls would not be recommended. Mr. Montgomery explained to us how Davis Controls is able to maintain its commitment to quality by allowing each territory to maintain its own vertical focus within the markets that it serves. We noted that this places an extraordinary amount of responsibility on the employees at Davis Controls. However, with nearly half of their employees having over 20 years of experience with the company we here at Dreamland don’t see that being an issue.

Coming away energized

That is how Mr. Montgomery feels every time he leaves an AHTD meeting. AHTD is an association composed primarily of the leaders of distributors who often double as application service providers (ASP's). The rest of the membership is assembled of leading manufacturers that supply the distributors. With this composition of membership, the learning and networking that can be gained from AHTD is simply immeasurable. We cannot suggest enough how important it is that you listen to this entire interview. Learn of upcoming AHTD events and the topics that will be discussed.

Tom Swenton of Applied Automation Controls


Todd Youngblood interviews Tom Swenton of Applied Automation Controls on Manufacturing Revival Radio.

We were glad to welcome Tom Swenton, President of Applied Automation and Controls (AACI) and Program Director for the Association of High Technology Distributors (AHTD), to the Dreamland studio! AACI provides reliable and cost effective automation components, controls, and solutions helping their customers find results in all applications.

Show Highlights include:

  • How AACI’s role as a full line automation distributor allows them to better meet their customers total automation needs.
  • AACI’s role in making their customers manufacturing process more efficient.
  • The variety of markets that AACI services.
  • Why manufacturers such as Mitsubishi Automation choose AACI to represent their product lines.
  • Tom’s thoughts on the future of US manufacturing.
  • The value of being a member of AHTD.
  • Examples of the subject matter and variety of content presented during AHTD meetings.

To learn more about Applied Automation Controls please listen to the interview in full. You can also hear much more about the Association of High Technology Distributors and their upcoming conference by downloading the interview.

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Dave and Karen Pilliod of Advanced Control Solutions


Todd Youngblood interviews Dave and Karen Pilliod of Advanced Control Solutions on Manufacturing Revival Radio.

Tough times for the Industrial Sector? Not according to Dave and Karen Pilliod, respectively the President and CFO of Advanced Control Solutions in Marietta, GA. They’re just about ready to move into a new, larger, higher-tech, greater-value-to-their-customers facility. Why such success in the face of a tough, tough economy?

Success requires a combination of well-executed strategies.

One strategy that has worked well for ACS is to absolutely nail a tightly focused project for a large company committed to using automation on a global basis. Like using a sophisticated machine vision system to match ice cream containers with ice cream lids. (Oh by the way, at a pace of 350 per minute!) The ice cream manufacturer simply cannot afford to sell a lid that says "nut-free” on a container full of Rocky Road to someone with a nut allergy. A win on that first project leads to contracts for similar projects at other customer locations.

Another strategy is intelligent leveraging of AHTD, the Association For High Technology Distribution. Karen described the networking with peers, keynote speakers, group discussions and workshops that were and continue to be vital to sustained, profitable growth at ACS.

Both Pilliods stressed the importance of "growing within your means” and diversifying. Maybe they could have bought the new building a year or two ago, but waiting made their financial position that much stronger. Maybe component sales dipped in 2008 and 2009, but services provided by the ACS Engineering Department more than made up for it. And then there’s also all the for-fee technical training. "If you’re selling technical products, and you train your customers on your technical products, they feel more comfortable buying those products from you, ” says Dave.

Fear of losing manufacturing business to China? Not for this pair. Listen to this episode right now! You don’t want to miss the perspective on how a new plant in South Carolina is cheaper than one over there! (pssst… It’s all about efficiency…)

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