KOGANEI Expands Motion Control Capabilities with Air Picker and Air Gripper Components
Friday, May 14, 2021

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Fremont, CA – May 11, 2021KOGANEI International America, Inc., has added the Air Picker and Air Gripper (Bridgestone Series) components to their selection of high performance pneumatic grippers. These versatile rubber end effectors are designed to handle workpieces securely, gently, and with precision. The Air Picker and Air Gripper have numerous factory automation and warehouse applications, including picking, transporting, and loading products, as well as sealing and stopper fitting.

KOGANEI’s Air Picker and Air Gripper offer several advantages over conventional grippers:
  1. Larger contact area provides more secure, precise, and gentle holding for fragile objects.
  2. Significantly lighter and capable of carrying a load 25 to 100 times their own weight.
  3. Multiple workpiece sizes can be handled with the same unit – no need to change gripping chuck for each product diameter.
The Air Picker operates by being positioned into the opening of a bottle, cylinder, or similar object, and then pneumatically inflating its rubber tube to create a seal against the inside wall of the object, allowing it to be picked up and moved. The Air Gripper works by being placed around the outside of a workpiece and inflating its rubber sleeve to create a seal that grips like a clamp before the object is moved.

For more information on the Air Picker and Air Gripper, click here.

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