Baumer PFMH Now Handles Large Silos in the Dairy Industry
Wednesday, June 2, 2021
by: Baumer

Section: Press Releases

The industry leading Baumer PFMH pressure transmitter has been used for many years in different applications in the Dairy industry. With the new PFMH long shell for the first time ever Baumer is now able to handle large silos in the Dairy Industry. The PFMH with long shell connection allows users to upgrade current hydrostatic level measurement with a new and innovative device that is very easy to use and helps utilize assets more successfully.

The highly stable and temperature compensated pressure cell offers superior accuracy. The 0.1% accuracy cell allows to have tighter control on inventory. The large compensated temperature range means that the accuracy can be held over a large range from -40 up to 185F. This high accuracy covers large pressure ranges from 0 up to 1385” of H2O and the 10:1 turn down allows that same cell can be used from 0 to 138” H2O.

The large outstanding backlight touch screen display can easily be seen and programmed in an alcove or other dark areas. It can not only be read from distance, but also can be used to set up the installation without opening the sensor housing. The simple push button zero feature will allow easy bench top or onsite setup. The PFMH has an IP69 rating so the harsh environment will not cause down time for you or the sensor. When it is time for calibration, the quick disconnect M12 connector will allow for easy removal. Adjustments can be made through the touch screen display or the Baumer 9701 Flex Programmer, either will make it an easy process.

To learn how Baumer can help with your milk storage needs check out our Milk Storage page. Here can read about the industry leading Baumer pressure sensors, look at the new PF75H mag meter, or see the latest version of the Cleverlevel PL20H. If you would like to see the data sheet on the PFMH longshell you can click here.

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