New CI/D1 Explosion-Proof AC & BLDC Gearmotors and Motors
Monday, June 14, 2021
by: Bodine Electric Company

Section: Press Releases

Northfield, IL (June 2021) Bodine Electric Company introduces forty new Ex-Proof AC and BLDC gearmotors and (4) new motors, that are UL listed for use in environments where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are likely to exist under normal operating conditions. These new CI/D1 geared motors combine Bodine’s high-performance type 34R6 (inverter-duty AC) or type 34B6 (brushless DC) motors with an integral parallel shaft type FX gearhead. Typical applications include chemical injection pumps for the oil and gas industry, automated equipment for use in aircraft hangars, petroleum refineries, dry cleaning plants, fuel servicing areas, chemical processing (cannabis distillation), or industrial coating and mixing facilities.

Class I, Division 1 Construction.

These new gearmotors and motors meet National Electrical Code (NEC) Class I, Division 1 requirements, and are rated for use in areas where groups C and D flammable liquids are commonly found. The gearmotors meet UL temperature codes T3C and T4A. Both the type 34R6-FX (AC) and the 34B6-FX (BLDC) gearmotors and 34-frame motors are rated IP-66, meaning they can safely withstand water jets from any direction.

The initial product launch includes 40 standard gearmotor models with gear ratios from 5:1 to 300:1 with speeds from 5.3 to 560 rpm. Rated torque ranges from 46 lb-in (5 Nm) to 350 lb-in (40 Nm). Bodine Ex-Proof gearmotors and motors are available with low-voltage (12 or 24 VDC) brushless DC windings, and 230VAC or 460VAC inverter-duty, 3-phase windings. The CI/D1 AC and BLDC motors are available with two NEMA C face mounting options.

Gearmotor/Motor Accessories

The model 0931 base mount kit fits both the new type 34R6BXPP-FX (AC) and 34B6BXBL-FX (BLDC) gearmotors, as well as on the corresponding AC and BLDC, CI/D1 motors. Bodine type 34R/34B AC and BLDC, CI/D1 motors meet NEMA-56C mounting specifications when the optional base mount kit 0931 is installed.


Bodine's new Class I Division 1 gearmotors and the 0931 base mount kit are available through Bodine’s extensive distributor network or from the Bodine website. Custom options are available to qualified OEMs. Typical OEM modifications include custom windings, application-specific mounting options or special drive shafts.

About Bodine

Bodine Electric Company offers over 1,400 standard stock products, and thousands of custom designed fractional horsepower (FHP) gearmotors, motors and motion controls (variable speed and fixed speed AC, brushless DC, and permanent magnet DC). Bodine gearmotors and motors are designed for demanding industrial and commercial applications such as medical devices, scientific and laboratory equipment, labeling equipment, printing presses, packaging equipment, and factory automation. Bodine Electric is headquartered in Northfield, Illinois (20 miles north of Chicago) with manufacturing and assembly operations in Peosta, Iowa, U.S.A. Bodine’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001. Web site:

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