B&D Industrial Acquires GTI Predictive Technology
The acquisition expands the company’s geographic reach and provides new services and support to customers throughout the United States.
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
by: B&D Industrial

Section: Press Releases

Macon, GA (June 17, 2021) – B&D Industrial, a corporation based in Macon, Georgia, announces the acquisition of GTI Predictive Technology, a division of GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. of Manchester, New Hampshire.

“Passing the torch to B&D is a proud moment for myself and the GTI team. Using Apple’s iPad and wireless technology to change the landscape of the predictive industry was just the start of what can be done. B&D is a clear choice for my vision to bring more innovation to the Industrial Internet of Things. Bringing the GTI team together with the innovators at B&D will in no doubt be a win/win for the industry.” -Tom Hoenig, Owner/President, GTI

“The timing couldn’t be better for GTI Predictive Technology coming on board with B&D. We are keenly focused on Industry 4.0 solutions as part of our strategic plan. GTI has over a decade of experience delivering IIOT solutions for a very impressive customer base. Their software platform and product family can accommodate vibration data collection/analysis, balancing, shaft alignment, thermography and ultrasound in a very user-friendly and affordable package for our customers. B&D will continue to invest in development of the software and sensors and will be adding many new applications in the years to come – the possibilities are almost limitless. We are excited to have Tom Hoenig continue to be involved with the R&D moving forward, as he is a true visionary when it comes to IIOT solutions in the real world of our customers’ facilities.” -Ben Nations, Co-CEO, B&D Industrial

About GTI Predictive Technology
GTI Predictive Technology (a division of GTI Spindle Technology, Inc.) is an innovative product and services team specializing in predictive analysis systems used by all types of customers from many different industries. GTI powers vigorous data collection tools in support of its’ mission of changing predictive technology regarding standalone diagnostics and Industry 4.0 solutions. In particular, their goal is to create easy-to-use sensor systems that allow field technicians and equipment managers to observe, collect, and quickly report accurate data to decision-makers. GTI Predictive Technology is the creator of the iPad Vibration Analyzer, which now has expanded into dynamic balancing, laser shaft alignment, leveling, and thermography.

About B&D Industrial
Founded in 1947, B&D Industrial is an applications-driven, independent distributor and service provider. We provide solutions to OEM’s and companies with MRO and automation needs in both heavy and light manufacturing. B&D Industrial is parent to three specialty divisions: MRO+Automation Solutions, Scale Systems, and Gearing+Reliability Solutions, which operate over 30 facilities in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington. The company’s portfolio includes Washington-based Western Machine Works, Inc. and e-commerce enterprise, Industrial Control Direct. B&D Industrial is headquartered in Macon, Georgia. For more information, visit www.bdindustrial.com.