Connectivity and Infrastructure Solutions for Industry 4.0
Monday, September 27, 2021
by: WireXpress

Section: Press Releases

With margins and timelines under increasing pressure, the growing pace of disruptive technologies, and the intensified focus on workplace safety, you and your customers’ ability to be resilient and agile is critical to remaining up and running, as well as staying competitive.

Connectivity and advanced analytics are now enabling a smarter manufacturing experience, allowing your customers to improve processes and differentiate their end products.

87% of business leaders believe digital technologies will disrupt their business, but a majority of organizations don’t feel adequately prepared. This makes early engagement with a trusted partner who understands these core challenges as well as the latest technology trends the key to success.

WireXpress is partnered with industry-leading product and technology providers to help distributors navigate the evolving marketplace and fully harness the potential for their end users. We are here to support your needs when it comes to:

Automation and Controls

• Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
• Motion Control Systems
• Distributed I/O Systems
• Safety Controls
• Industrial Controls


• Optical Fiber
• Category Cable
• Patch Cords
• Cord Sets
• Connectors


• Industrial Enclosures
• Data Cabinets
• Power Supplies
• Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS)
• Cable Management

Industrial Communications

• Industrial Routers
• Cellular Gateways
• Industrial Ethernet Switches
• Industrial Wireless

Wired and Wireless Sensors

• Accelerometers and Vibration Sensors
• Wireless Temperature Sensors
• Humidity Sensors
• Open-Closed Sensors
• Motion and Occupancy Sensors
• AC Current Meter Sensors
• Thermocouple Sensors
• Interface Meters and Sensors
• Three-Phase Current Meters
• Voltage Detection Sensors
• Gas Detection Sensors
• Area Scanners
• Light Curtains
• Safety Interlocks
• And More!

IoT Gateways and Controllers

• Industrial IoT Gateways
• IoT Controllers
• Edge Computing Devices

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