KYKLO Continues to Build for the Future
Friday, October 15, 2021

Section: Press Releases

As the calendar rolls into the fourth quarter, KYKLO continues to march towards better and more efficient service to our clients and the industry in general. This effort includes the type of system enhancements and refinements you have come to expect.

The bigger effort lies with on-boarding folks with the right stuff; the skills and experience needed to build on our service and accelerate efforts to provide the world class system our friends deserve. Guessing many of you have made similar additions in your staff, the market is tight and great people with the right experience are scarce. The same applies in the software/system development industry. Thankfully, KYKLO’s unique culture serves as an attractor, and we have been able to bring in some cool folks with the right skills and attitude to continue our forward momentum.

Allow us to introduce some of the new additions to our team.

Sushil Shrestha comes onboard as KYKLO’s Senior Application Technology Engineer and will be based in Thailand. Bringing the wealth of knowledge of 13 years in the software development world, and a background which includes work in Product Management, Head of Development, and Chief Technology Officer, Sushil will further KYKLO’s capabilities by further developing new features and improved infrastructure for the KYKLO platform.

Christopher Kicior becomes the Buffalo-based Senior Customer Success Manager. Chris has more than a decade of experience in relationship management with previous experience in B2B Enterprise software solutions. Chris has held previous positions including Director of Client Services, Solutions Architect, and Director of Customer Experience.

Chris' role will be to work with customers to ensure they are receiving the right tools and proper support to achieve their digital transformation goals.

Alyssa Peterson is now part of the Buffalo Office serving as Sales Development Representative. Alyssa adds eight years of experience with six of those being in the distribution and ERP software arena. Alyssa is a former Sales Manager and has a strong Distribution Channel background. Alyssa's role will be to continue building relationships with SME and Enterprise accounts.

We are hitting the ground running.
Alyssa has already attended her first PackExpo in Las Vegas during the final week of September. This show is well attended by distributors and manufacturers and offers a great opportunity for KYKLO to meet new people, make new friends, and identify organizations who might benefit from the services we provide to companies in their path to digitalization.

Chris will be joining others on the KYKLO team at the 2021 AHTD Fall Meeting in Colorado Springs October 20-22. AHTD (The Association for High Technology Distribution) was the very first North American association meeting attended by KYKLO and the home of many of our friends and clients in the distribution industry.

Speaking of AHTD
KYKLO will be bringing a large group to AHTD. We want to continue our efforts to expand our understanding of the issues distributors and manufacturers face in their journey to digitalization. Even more importantly, we hope to find ways we can help existing clients better harness the full power of the KYKLO organization. Equally important, we continue to recruit new partners in our work. If you are one of the nearly 400 people making the trek to Colorado Springs, let’s not leave our meeting to chance. Give us a call, we would love to arrange a get together with you in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

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