Wireless Solutions for the Factory Floor
Monday, November 15, 2021
by: WireXpress

Section: Press Releases

The Future is Wireless

The factory floor is becoming smarter and manufacturing processes are changing rapidly. While wired solutions have long been the standard, we are quickly moving towards predictive maintenance, instantaneous monitoring and remote-controlled processes. Transitioning to smarter factories allows a manufacturer to gain greater visibility into their production data and the lifecycle of major assets, creating a safer and more efficient work environment. As wireless solutions become more prevalent and industrial networks bring more connected devices online, WireXpress would like to become your trusted advisor and partner.

Wireless Challenges

Wired connectivity has been the standard due to the speed and reliability found in hard-wired networks. While wireless products have many benefits, they have trailed behind traditional solutions due to the risk of RF interference, low bandwidth and downtime caused by poor signal penetration throughout the factory. Through the adoption of communications platforms like 5G, wireless solutions are now becoming viable options that offer reliable, real-time information collection from your connected assets.

Thinking Wireless? Think WireXpress.

At WireXpress we understand the wireless challenges you and your customers are facing and would like to be a resource that you can rely on. Our Technology & Support Services team is on the cutting edge and ready to provide guidance on wireless products and solutions. They actively participate in industry associations and standards bodies to offer technical insight, best practices and innovative solutions that meet current and future business needs.

Whether your customers are looking for Wireless LAN products, Serial Routers, Cellular Routers, Wireless Antennas, Wireless Sensors, Access Points or DAS, WireXpress would like to partner with you on your next wireless opportunity. Through our extensive list of strategic suppliers, the broadest product portfolio in the industry and our Technology & Support Services team, One Call Does It All!

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