Crouzet Introduces Millenium Slim – The Slimmest Logic Controller Ever
Wednesday, December 15, 2021
by: Crouzet

Section: Press Releases

Crouzet is proud to announce the release of Millenium Slim (aka M-Slim), the slimmest logic controller ever! Bridging the gap between basic control devices (time delay relays, monitoring relays, counters and more) and logic control (Crouzet’s Millenium and em4 logic controllers/nano-PLCs), M-Slim is a logic controller in a timer’s body. Removable terminal blocks allow mechanical design engineers to design an even smaller form-factor package using M-Slim.

Logic controllers serve to control machines and processes and are the ‘brains’ of your application. With eight-(8) inputs/outputs in a pocket-sized profile (17.5mm wide), M-Slim also comes with integrated Bluetooth functionality that allows one M-Slim to communicate with another in a daisy-chain configuration. This means different applications can interact with each other.

Four-(4) inputs are convertible to both digital and analog, and two-(2) of them are high-speed digital while the other two-(2) are also pulse-width modulation (PWM) inputs. You can choose a version where the four-(4) outputs with relays, or with solid-state outputs that can be used as PWM outputs. Use your smartphone or a PC with Crouzet’s unique ‘Virtual Display’ app to view or modify the parameters of your application.

As with all other Crouzet logic controllers, CrouzetSoft graphical function block diagram software is FREE and allows simulation of your program even if you don’t have a controller in-hand! So, there’s no need to know coding or complex programming languages, no need to worry about a license limit, and Crouzet continues to add to the burgeoning library of pre-developed applications.

Available in part numbers designed to accommodate AC or DC input voltage, three-(3) part numbers satisfy 24V input or 110-240V input. Mechanically, the product is DIN rail mount or panel mount. Of course, all global certifications are included with this patented product and M-Slim is available at various Crouzet authorized distributors, including several AHTD ASPs.

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