Measuring and Switching Multi-Talent
Thursday, February 17, 2022
by: Leuze

Section: Press Releases

The innovative ODT 3C sensor from Leuze can handle both measuring and switching tasks. The new 2-in-1 solution is thus suitable for a wide range of automated industrial applications.

Is there an object on the conveyor belt? If yes: What is its position or distance to the machine? These are typical issues that need to be addressed in a wide range of industrial applications and processes. In the past, system operators solved this problem through the use of multiple sensors.

With the new ODT 3C from Leuze, only a single device is needed: The innovative sensor can transmit both switching and measuring information to the machine control, which makes it an efficient and economical 2- in-1 solution.

Flexible with a single sensor
The ODT 3C transmits measurement values and extensive diagnostic data via IO-Link. The data includes temperature values, warnings, and signal quality. It features impressive black-and-white behavior (< + 3 millimeter at 150 millimeter). The operating range can be easily adjusted via the teach button, line, or IOLink. The new Leuze sensor also offers impressive functional reliability: Active ambient light suppression prevents faulty switching, even when exposed to direct light from LED hall lighting systems. LEDs that are easily visible from all sides allow you to quickly read the status of the ODT 3C. Two independent switching outputs and sensor models with warning output or a small light spot (pinpoint) round of the sensor’s functions. This enables plant operators to use the ODT 3C flexibly in a wide range of applications.

Figure 1: The new ODT 3C sensor from Leuze transmits both switching and measuring information to the machine control system via IO-Link – an efficient and economical 2-in-1 solution.

Figure 2: The operating range of the ODT 3C can be set numerically via IO-Link, and also very accurately thanks to device calibration and nearly reflection-independent from a distance (remote).

Figure 3: Thanks to ambient light suppression, the ODT 3C sensor from Leuze is not affected by direct light from LED hall lighting. This prevents incorrect switching and increases the functional reliability of the sensor.

Figure 4: Application example from the food industry: A machine is rolling off dough for baked goods. The ODT 3C sensor is pointing down onto the dough. It sends a distance value to the parent control. The goal is to regulate the dough within an optimal distance range of 100–120 mm. If the sensor detects a measurement value outside the target range, the conveyor belt motors adjust the speed of the conveyor accordingly. The measurement value is evaluated in the process data via IO-Link. In addition, diagnostic data is transmitted to the controller via IO-Link for Industry 4.0 purposes.

About Leuze
With curiosity and determination, the Sensor People from Leuze have been forerunners for innovations and technological milestones in industrial automation for more than 50 years. They are driven by the success of their customers. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. The technology leader’s high-tech product range includes a number of different sensors for the field of automation technology. Among these are switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. As a Safety Expert, Leuze is also focused on components, services and solutions for safety at work. Leuze concentrates on its core industries, in which the Sensor People have extensive, specific application knowhow and many years of experience. These include intralogistics and the packaging industry, machine tools, the automotive industry as well as laboratory automation. Leuze was founded in 1963, headquartered in Owen/Teck in Southern Germany. Today there are more than 1200 Sensor People around the world who are working with determination and passion for progress and transformation to make their customers successful in a constantly changing industry. Regardless of whether in the technological competence centers or in one of the 21 sales companies, supported by more than 40 international distributors.

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