KYKLO CEO Remi Ducrocq Featured at B2B Online
Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Section: Press Releases

Receiving recognition is a wonderful thing, but as we’ve been told over the years, it is better to give than to receive. KYKLO Co-Founder and CEO, Remi Ducrocq, exemplifies this credo. The recognition he has received as one of the leading experts in the field of B2B digitalization has been elevated by his willingness to share his journey with others.

Whether by one-on-one phone conversations with those just now considering their digital future or in forums designed to expand the industry, Remi can often be found giving back to the industry. This giving attitude has begun to attract others.

B2B Online is the World’s Largest B2B eCommerce and Digital Marketing Conference. After a two-year hiatus from gathering in person, the conference is scheduled in Chicago, IL from April 11-12. Remi has been asked to join an all-star cavalcade of speakers to reach over 500 B2B industry leaders.

Pulling from his expertise in manufacturing and distribution, his presentation is titled, Great Products, Crappy Content: Why Manufacturers Are Losing at Online Product Discovery. We thought it might be appropriate to give you a few snippets from his presentation.

Sharing from KYKLO’s research, The Manufacturer Omnichannel Index, Ducrocq will discuss the importance of having Google-friendly product data. Using real-world examples, he will show how and why good yet hard-to-find data is nearly worthless in matching customers to products. A collection of product data doesn’t work unless it’s the right data.

Ironically, most manufacturers struggle with knowing precisely what is important to customers. Perhaps because those generating the data are too close to the situation, or maybe because they are only exposed to their own products, manufacturers often leave out important points such as industry jargon and commonly used nicknames applied to their products.

Extending from the premise “customers have to find you” before they can buy, Remi will drill into exactly what kinds of enhanced data are important to the process. Citing and demonstrating real-world examples of both good and bad, the audience will be steered to the types of complete information required to enhance the buyer’s experience.

Pointing again to real-world examples, this presentation points to the need for data creation experts who have experience in your industry. In the B2B world, members of the IT staff or data entry people do not have the background required to expertly craft the data needed. Further, despite all the hoopla tied to artificial intelligence, AI-based algorithms have shown poorly in the process.

The presentation will provide attendees with some time estimates on building enhanced data in-house. These clearly point out that most distributors are neither equipped nor staffed to build the proper product content for the manufacturer. Pointing to the hundreds of installations researched by KYKLO, Remi will again outline the pitfalls of leaving product content to the manufacturer’s sales channel.

The best part of the presentation will come by way of questions and answers. Here’s where the KYKLO model of giving shines through. We hope to help hundreds of organizations avoid the potholes on the road to digitalization.

If you happen to be attending this event, bring your questions or at least stop by to say hi. When surrounded by hundreds of strangers, a familiar face is always welcome.