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Monday, May 16, 2022
by: item America

Section: Press Releases

Available around-the-clock, the item Academy features new courses on robotics and linear systems from the Experts at item.

Hagerstown (May, 2022) – The item Academy opened its (virtual) doors in 2020, and has recently expanded its repertoire with courses introducing pupils to robotics and the integration of robotics in industrial facilities.

Compatible with the Original Building Kit System, these robotics systems put movement into your workplace. Each learning module focuses on introducing these systems to a wider audience and improving the knowledge of those already familiar with the concept.

The Introduction to Robotics course and its modules are devoted to:

• Familiarization with different robot types
• An introduction to peripheral elements for articulated robots and the ability to break them down into various categories
• Introducing which standards & guidelines must be observed when using robots.

By combining the innovative systems of item with the modern touch of robotics, item has positioned itself as a leader in intelligent integrated systems for implementation in industrial facilities.

Collaborations with companies like MiR and Universal Robots, item features examples of robotics integration on its Solution Center, and is consistently publishing more successful examples.

As versatile as robots themselves, the item modular principle allows you to design exactly the structural frame you need – from enclosed robot cells to mobile robot carts.

How can the robotic-friendly abilities of item be integrated with your processes? With online trainings, product guides, and practical tips, it’s free to register for the item Academy. Led by industry experts, pre-recorded sessions cover topics from robotics to lean production, digital tools, and ergonomics.

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