item Collaborates with MiR for Synergistic Solutions
item Creates Innovative Industrial Robot Solutions
Monday, June 20, 2022
by: item America

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From in-house innovation project to practical customer solutions for autonomous mobile robots – that’s what you call a win-win situation!

Both Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) have become increasingly popular and widely used in production facilities – particularly in intralogistics applications, where employees can be relieved of time-consuming monotonous tasks to focus on value-creating ones. The adaptability of item, especially the Original Building Kit System, lends itself to versatility and is applicable for both AGV and AMR uses. In collaboration with MiR, this AMR-compatible flow rack with shooter functions allows racks to be filled by automatically interchanging empty and full boxes between the AMR and a separate flow rack.

Created initially to handle transportation tasks in item’s own logistic centers, around 90 percent of the rack components come from the Lean Production Building Kit System. As a result, these are incredibly lightweight yet robust, and can be easily modified. One practical feature is that the modular construction allows both the base frame and the racks to be custom modified. For further customization, these solutions were designed – and can be further amended – on the item Engineeringtool. The template for the rack’s base frame is designed for the MiR 250, but the flexibility of the item Building Kit System and the item Engineeringtool means it is easy to adapt for other models.

Specific requirements in terms of load weight can be factored in by selecting appropriate tools directly in the item Engineeringtool. “After all, every company has its own applications and requirements. This standard rack can be modified as required – for example in terms of the profiles or the number of roller conveyors,” says product manager and expert for online tools Christian Thiel.

As an official MiRGo partner, item looks forward to what further innovations will arise from combining item and MiR. To discover more MiR-compatible and other robotics solutions, discover the item Solution Center.

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The item and MiR collaborative flow rack hit the floor at AUTOMATE 2022 in Detroit, Michigan.