Who is WireXpress and the Benefits of Redistribution?
Monday, June 20, 2022
by: WireXpress

Section: Press Releases

Who is WireXpress?
WireXpress is a Master Distributor, or Redistributor, created specifically to support our distribution customers in a meaningful way. The WireXpress sales team understands your unique needs, we only service distributors are solely focused on helping you take profitable market share by filling more orders and expanding beyond your core offering.

WireXpress has 6 locations and over 45 stocking locations throughout North America. We support leading brands like Belden, Corning, Bosch, CPI, Hirschmann, and Lumberg, carrying over $1 Billion in inventory. Our product portfolio includes Wire & Cable, Datacom, Security, AV, Industrial Networking & Controls, Wireless, and Support & Supply products. Our goal is to help you increase revenue and profitability by delivering access to products and solutions you may not have access to or have difficulty sourcing in a pinch.

The Benefits of Redistribution?
As distributors, we understand that you do what you do very well and strive to provide your customers with the best service possible. As a Redistributor, we partner with distributors to make sure you don’t miss out on an opportunity due to shortages, lead times or any number of issues that can arise while supporting a customer’s need. We are able to further support you when there is trouble sourcing from manufacturers with narrow channel strategies, long lead times or non-localized inventories.

No matter the type of product you are looking for, our sales team is able to support your needs. For assistance or for more information please reach out at your earliest convenience.

With WireXpress One Call Does It All!