How To Increase User Adoption For Your CRM
User adoption is crucial for the successful implementation and ROI of any process, including CRM platforms.
Monday, September 19, 2022
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Less than 40% of CRM implementations are fully successful, and when your company is investing invaluable time and money, this process is essential. (

Implementing new technology for your company can be challenging, but having a partner with a strong understanding of your business, and working with you every step of the way can ensure successful adoption.

Based on the high adoption rates we've seen with WPCRM, we’ve compiled tips on how to increase user adoption rates for your CRM.

The Key to User Adoption

There are two very important parts users must enact for the best adoption:

1. Define your unique business process
2. Embrace the system

Defining your unique processes and implementing the system properly from the start makes it simpler for users to embrace the system, leading to improved user adoption.

1. Define Your Unique Business Process

Successful user adoption can and should look different between organizations, but the main steps to begin an implementation remain the same.

Define success. In terms of a CRM, what does success look like for your organization? This could be measured by simple KPIs like more leads​, higher sales, faster conversions, or better quality customer interactions. While this concept may seem simple, you need to know your intended uses, desired outcomes, and make sure it applies to all users and processes.

Understand your current business process and how CRM improves it. Do have a fully documented process that is universally understood and repeated by your organization? A failure to understand your current process can create a barrier to successful implementation.

Involve key decision makers and influencers​ from the beginning of the implementation like IT, managers, sales leaders, and sales influencers. Including input from various departments will provide a better understanding of all requirements that need to be considered for each unique use case.

Once you have these critical pieces in place, your CRM provider will be much better equipped to help set your organization up for success. WP has a whole team of specialists that help drive successful implementations. We conduct an initial discovery call ensuring all requirements are met in order to optimize and streamline your organizational processes to meet business goals.

2. Embrace the System

In order to get users to embrace the system, we need to communicate the answers to their question of “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM). If we can’t justify the value to the end user, they won’t use it - no matter how impactful it can be.

Have you communicated the value points for “what’s in it for me?” to end users such as:

- increased sales and commissions
- shorter research time
- lower customer attrition
- increased visibility of customer behaviors and buying patterns
- improved customer interactions

Taking all those thoughts into consideration before fully adopting any program allows end users to feel seen and heard throughout the adoption process.

Think about it – you need user buy-in to make any system work. Specifically for a CRM implementation, users need to embrace it by entering accurate, timely data to ensure the highest level of value (and accuracy) from the system.

System users will either make or break the success of your CRM user adoption. This is why our team connects with your critical users of the platform to provide them with the understanding and appreciation of the new technology.

Once your system is implemented, we have the tools you need to measure the success of user adoption. If the results are showing a lack of user adoption or you're hearing user challenges like “the program is difficult to use”, “I didn’t receive the proper training”, or even “I don’t see how this is helping me”, you need to revisit the initial value points of WIIFM to overcome user objections.

Experience Simpler User Adoption with WPCRM

We know customers are demanding higher quality engagements with their partners. Our goal is to provide a platform that helps businesses make those high-quality engagements happen with less effort.

Work less, sell more.

We have a dedicated team of implementation specialists to help your organization define your unique business process, and support to embrace the system.

Just take it from one of our customers: “WPCRM was able to help us integrate their user-friendly CRM model with our ERP system. Within the first 30 days of launch, we have an 86% adoption rate and 83 real growth opportunities already in the funnel!”

Ready for similar results? Reach out to to learn how we make user adoption simple the R.I.G.H.T. way with WPCRM.