Maximize Profitability with Strategic Pricing & Intelligent Forecasting Built into Your ERP
Learn how wholesale distributors utilize ERP business intelligence to increase margins and drive customer confidence.
Monday, November 21, 2022
by: DDI System

Section: Press Releases

Distributors with an intelligent ERP in place to help identify sporadic and unusual demand while maintaining customer pricing have a strong advantage over the competition; ultimately leading to better control over their inventory, increased margins, and a more seamless, profitable year.

Pricing has proven to be the most powerful lever for improving overall margins and increasing profits. Having an ERP system with the ability to easily set and maintain unique price structures for each customer enables margin-improvement while reducing traditional price formula maintenance, which is critical in these unpredictable conditions. DDI System’s Inform ERP has built-in pricing systems that make your sales force more efficient by tailoring pricing to each customer and situation. Being able to rely on your ERP to handle advanced warranties, contract prices, and vendor rebates, as well as having the ability to act on future unexpected cost increases while automatically adjusting sell prices, will keep your company profitable, and frees up time for you to address other priorities.

"With the flexibility of Inform ERP pricing, we’ve added $200k extra profit to our bottom line within the first 6 months!"
- Trio Supply

As customer purchases fluctuate, the ability to rely on your ERP system to quickly identify inventory exceptions increases the return on your inventory investment, fill rate, and eliminates dead stock. Exceptional demand swings skew your purchasing forecast, ultimately leading to stock level issues. Inform ERP’s professional demand forecasting tools turn purchasing managers into inventory control experts. Powerful forecast algorithms, easy-to-use exception management, and unique, intuitive purchasing screens provide distributors with an array of tools not found in any other ERP software. Real-time replenishment calculation enables your purchasing staff to respond to customer demand as it is occurring, with the ability to re-balance warehouse inventory and adjust as needed.

Inform ERP Software is a single-source solution that equips distributors with tools to effectively manage in volatile business climates and turn connections into sales. DDI System provides wholesale distributors with leading-edge ERP technology and hands-on support to make sure your company adapts to changing times and focuses on keeping customers and developing new ones.

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