EPLAN launches new Smart Mounting software
Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Section: Press Releases

EPLAN launched new Smart Mounting software to support highly efficient manual control cabinet assembly. Recently, the lack of skilled employees has caused bottlenecks in control cabinet and switchgear manufacturing. With EPLAN Smart Mounting software, users are now led through the entire control cabinet assembly process. Technicians can use the software to assemble and mount all the components in a control cabinet and on mounting panels, all supported by 3D visualization. This helps the technician immediately recognize where components must be placed.

Production managers also achieve better support and flexibility. They can easily view the status of open production orders. A control system displays the assembly progress for each component: green represents completed, while red represents not yet processed. If there are resource bottlenecks or downtimes, an order that has been started can be handed off to another employee. Personnel resources can also be utilized more flexibly for various production tasks.

For more information, please visit: EPLAN USA Smart Mounting