Put into the right light
Many light types and a compact housing: The new KRT 3C contrast sensor from Leuze can be flexibly integrated into packaging processes thanks to its multicolor capability and small size.
Monday, April 17, 2023
by: Anna Hardaloupas

Section: Press Releases

With the KRT 3C contrast sensor, Leuze is presenting the smallest contrast sensor it has ever made for the packaging industry. Plant operators benefit from a compact device that can be used in many different ways: The KRT 3C detects reliably and position-accurately even if there are only small contrast differences and with glossy surfaces or highly reflective materials. This is made possible by the multicolor functionality: red, green, and blue light as well as white and laser red light will not allow any object or printed label to pass through unnoticed. This allows users to select the right light source for any material and contrast mark color for their packaging and labeling processes.

Tight space? No problem!
The KRT 3C detects contrasts very precisely and reliably and with a short response time of only 50 µs (laser: 125 µs) and minimal signal jitter. This helps to achieve optimal machine throughput. Advantage in small spaces: With its small dimensions of 11 x 32 x 17 mm, the sensor is designed for tight installation spaces. This means it can be fitted almost anywhere. Users can easily setup the KRT 3C via the integrated IO-Link interface. This also speeds up product format changeovers.

Really resilient
The housing is robust: It meets degrees of protection IP67 and IP69K. The KRT 3C is also ECOLABcertified. So it can even handle aggressive cleaning agents.

Because the emitted light color determines the reliability with which contrast markers are detected, the new KRT 3C contrast sensors from Leuze use three different light types. This allows customers to select the appropriate light source for each type of material and for each contrast marker color in packaging or labeling processes.

In the packaging industry, products are often packaged into tubular bags. Sensors detect the printed contrast markers and determine when the packaging film is cut. With the KRT 3C contrast sensors, this is always possible thanks to the multicolor functionality, even with materials with different color or gray value combinations.

When things get tight, the compact size of the KRT 3C contrast sensor from Leuze is the right choice. The sensor reliably and highly precisely detects contrast markers of different colors even on round objects and different materials.

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