Hello from New SBP at AHTD.
Business Case on Driving Growth & Innovation
Thursday, July 20, 2023
by: Marcin Krzączkowski

Section: Press Releases

Dear AHTD Members,

I am Marcin, the CEO of Automa.Net, a B2B online-platform dedicated to the trade of industrial automation. I'm thrilled to step into the newest Strategic Business Partner (SBP) role at AHTD. Looking forward to the enriching exchanges we will have, both virtually and in person, at the AHTD conferences.

I would like to share with you an insightful business case that involves one of our SME automation distributors we work with - PLC-City.com from Naples, Italy.

It provides a detailed understanding of the unique challenges we have overcome and the measurable results we have achieved in collaboration with our client.

I believe that this case study offers a clear picture of what we do and how we can collectively drive growth in our industry.

To read the PLC-City business case, please follow this link: https://automa.net/automa-net-customer-study/

I am excited about the journey ahead and eagerly anticipate driving innovation with you all.

Best Regards,
CEO @ Automa.Net

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