Frank Hurtte’s New Book "The New Sales Guy Project" Challenges Conventional Wisdom and Guides Aspiring Salespeople to Thrive in Knowledge-based Distribution
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
by: Frank Hurtte

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In a refreshing departure from the norm, esteemed author Frank Hurtte boldly presents a new book that delves into the motivations behind its creation. With a passion to empower and educate, Hurtte presents "The New Sales Guy Project" as an indispensable resource for those embarking on a sales career in knowledge-based distributor industries such as Electrical, Industrial, Automation, Fluid Power, Safety, and Power Transmission.

Drawing from Hurtte's extensive 45-year career in the realm of Knowledge-based Distributors and over four years of hands-on research including countless one-on-one sessions with over 200 new distributor salespeople, "The New Sales Guy Project" breaks away from traditional sales rhetoric to provide valuable insights into the changing landscape of sales. This is not your typical sales book featuring gimmicks and tricks.

The book was inspired by Frank Hurtte's vast experience in sales and mentoring new salespeople for over 30 years. However, he recognizes that the sales industry has undergone significant changes, making many old methods outdated. Therefore, the book was created to provide guidance on navigating the complexities of modern salesmanship, especially in a world where the internet and evolving customer behavior have a significant impact. According to Hurtte, “Selling has always been challenging, but launching a new territory is ten times more difficult today than just a decade ago. Old methods simply don’t work.”

“This book is a must-read for new salesmen and managers of new salespeople. It was full of insight and practical suggestions to make the transition from whatever other career into the exciting world of sales. I heartily endorse it and found the insightful ideas rich and written in Warm folksy style,” says Bob Estabrook, a renowned sales expert in the field.

"The New Sales Guy Project" covers a spectrum of critical topics, including:
  • Understanding the creation of salespeople and redefining success in sales.
  • Efficiently using CRM systems for organizing and retaining information for long-term success.
  • Navigating the intricate landscape of products and services in the modern marketplace.
  • Crafting a robust customer understanding before making a sales call.
  • Mastering appointment-setting techniques in the age of voicemail.
  • Effective execution of initial sales calls.
  • Incorporating collaboration into sales strategies.
  • Building trust through commitment and integrity to become a customer resource.

Each chapter ends with a set of real-world exercises designed to further steer the new seller’s future action. These exercises are designed to serve the self-guided reader as well as their sales manager coach.

"The New Sales Guy Project" stands as a testament to Hurtte's dedication to the future of the sales industry. It is the latest of Hurtte’s distributor-focused books available on Amazon.

About Frank Hurtte
Frank Hurtte is an industry veteran with over four decades of experience in the world of Knowledge-based Distributors. During this time, he was recognized for his work at the leading North American Automation supplier, his leadership at one of the fastest-growing regional distributors, and his efforts as President of the Association for High Technology Distribution. With a passion for nurturing new talent and a dedication to redefining sales success, Hurtte is on a mission to equip the next generation of sales professionals with the tools they need to excel in a rapidly changing world.

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