Norgren Success with Large Amusement Park – A Case Study on Pneumatic Actuation
Monday, January 22, 2024
by: Kaila Gigl

Section: Press Releases

At the heart of innovation are machine builders and companies that take value in their customers’ experiences. This specific amusement park prides itself on entertaining its guests during rides and adventures. Looking to elevate the ride experience, the park was on a mission to breathe life into its animatronic wildlife.

With a spirit of innovation and a drive for ground-breaking adventures, this amusement park forged a strategic partnership with Norgren. The collaborative effort led to customized stainless steel actuators which brought the animatronic animals up from below the water. The design blueprint incorporated customized stainless steel actuators crafted meticulously with a four-inch bore and a diverse range of stroke lengths. These lengths varied from as short as eight inches to as long as seventy-two inches, catering to the unique needs of different animatronic creatures.

This resulted in an immersive and more lifelike experience that had guests immersed in their seats, and their hearts pounding with excitement. The enhanced experience was not just a treat for the guests but also a significant breakthrough in the amusement park industry. Thanks to the innovative actuation solutions provided by Norgren, the amusement park made waves in the world of entertainment, setting a new benchmark for fun and entertainment.
This success story serves as a testament to how innovative solutions and customer-centric approaches can redefine experiences, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the motion control and fluid technology industry when partnering with Norgren.
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