Women in Automation January '24 Spotlight
Meet Tina Hueppe of Marshall Wolf Automation
Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Section: Press Releases

Tina started working in automation many years ago for Marshall Wolf Automation, the family business, having held many positions within the organization prior to her taking on the role of CEO in 2018. While working her way up through the various positions and responsibilities, Tina's father, the company's acting CEO and President for 40 years, was her mentor, always making sure Tina knew she had a seat at the table. Tina says her father was the most influential person in her career. The above quote is near and dear to Tina as, when she lost her father and mentor suddenly five years ago, a friend relayed this quote to her, and she believes that it could not be more right.

Marshall Wolf Automation became an AHTD Automation Solutions Provider member two years ago, and we are so pleased to start 2024 off with the AHTD-WIA spotlight on Tina. “Joining AHTD has been a great experience for us. Fellow members have a great knowledge base and are willing to share ideas regarding best practices", and Tina has made some wonderful relationships in the AHTD-WIA. Marshall Wolf Automation has participated in some of the continuing education courses offered by AHTD including Sharpening the Saw, and both the Executive and Marketing Roundtables. Tina currently serves on the AHTD Board of Directors and is an active member of AHTD's Women in Automation, serving as its Chair for the upcoming year. If you haven't yet had a chance to, introduce yourself to Tina in San Antonio at AHTD's 2024 Spring Meeting - she'll be there!

We are happy to call Tina Hueppe and Marshall Wolf Automation members of AHTD.

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