Women in Automation February '24 Spotlight
Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Section: Press Releases

“From the moment I interviewed with Drew Baryenbruch, I was hooked to learn more about this industry and be a part of it,” recalls Jill, who recognizes Real Time Automation’s President as the source of her fascination with industrial automation. Jill says she has found his “passion and enthusiasm infectious, and [is] grateful for his openness,” in continuing to teach her as she has navigated through learning everything there is to know about automation. This is high praise, indeed! If you have sat in on any of the Women in Automation (WIA) meet-ups or have had the pleasure of meeting her in person at an AHTD meeting, you will agree Jill is an inspiring member of the AHTD-WIA group, always going out of her way to welcome and include new members.

For three years, she has worked in the industry as RTA’s Marketing Director, continuing to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and promote overall growth. One of Jill’s biggest accomplishments has been the development of processes and standards that make it possible for RTA’s small in-house marketing team to efficiently deliver consistent content for social media, more than 45 annual publication/advertising placements, newsletters, and “all those other big marketing buzzwords!” The results? Her team has increased RTA’s market visibility by 1000% through new initiatives and more robust KPI tracking.

“Helping move not only companies and the industry forward, AHTD helps individual contributors as well,” affirms Jill, "as the biggest benefit of being a part of the AHTD-WIA is the networking because of the support and education I receive. In my previous industries, I have not ever experienced such a camaraderie.

“I am honored to be part of the WIA Steering Committee as we have worked to get this up and running, adding a layer of networking women to the AHTD mix’s ever-growing population of automation executives.”

Jill is an enthusiastic Woman in Automation with a gift for making everyone feel appreciated. To find out more, click to connect with Jill, follow RTA, or visit www.rtautomation.com