Weidmuller USA Rounds Out Energy Storage System Portfolio with Addition of Battery Connectors
Friday, March 22, 2024
by: Sara Hunt

Section: Press Releases

Weidmuller USA has added a robust line of battery connectors to round out its energy storage portfolio of products and solutions.

Weidmuller USA offers a full suite of energy storage solutions from battery storage, connectors and power conversion to HVAC/fire control, surge protection, combiner boxes and marshalling boxes.

Richmond, VA

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, Va., announces the launch of its rugged battery connectors that are now available to round out the company’s comprehensive energy storage system (ESS) portfolio.

With the addition of advanced battery connectors, Weidmuller USA now offers a full suite of energy storage products to cover the power, data and signaling needs required in a wide array of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) applications including battery storage, connectors and power conversion, HVAC/fire control, surge protection, combiner boxes and marshalling boxes.

Battery connectors are critical components that facilitate the transfer of electrical energy between the battery cells and the application, allowing the connection of the battery modules in just a few simple steps. They come in a variety of sizes to cater to different types of usages in many industry sectors.

Below are features of battery connectors from Weidmuller USA for BESS applications:
  • Engineered to handle high currents, allowing for efficient energy transfer and reduced power losses.
  • Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • User-friendly with mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnections.
  • Contact made of copper alloy finished with silver and approved according to UL 4128 to warrant the best electrical contact with more than 100 operations of mechanical connection and disconnection (without load).
  • On the wiring side, options for conductor cross-sections from 10mm² to 95mm².
  • On the mating part, a busbar where the conductor can be easily connected on the device by means of a cable lug.
  • Color coded connectors (orange = positive; black = negative) on both the connector and the mated busbar connection.
  • Connectors are key coded on both sides to alleviate the possibility of user error.
  • A locking mechanism to fasten the plug and the socket.

“The shift toward renewable energy sources has driven the need for reliable energy storage as a means of balancing out supply and demand variation in the grid,” said Pete Tecos, Director, New Energy Solutions for Weidmuller USA. “The functionality of these systems relies upon the critical connection to the battery modules. The legendary quality, performance and reliability of Weidmuller connectivity is now available for this application.”

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