Dobot Unveils First Dual-Armed, Teleoperated X-Trainer Robot for the Education and Research Industry
Unleash the Potential of AI Applied in Robotics to Empower Education & Research to the Next Level
Wednesday, April 10, 2024
by: Thomas Yuan

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Dobot, the world's leading enterprise in robotics technology. Following the success of the world's first desktop grade collaborative robot, they have today announced a new additions to the lineup. Dobot X-Trainer Robot. From the outside, Dobot X-Trainer Robot look much like two human arms which is inspired from human engineering. On the inside, however, the units have had an upgrade to support a instant imitation.

Dobot X-Trainer

What you can’t see is that these Dobot X-Trainer featured with 0.05mm high-precision yet ultra-fast response time. Dobot created the Dobot X-Tranier for those who want the flexibility and movable in the desktop-grade operation.

Explored with Stanford Mobile ALOHA Team

"From professional automated robots to enthusiasts, Dobot's easy-to-use yet high-efficient robotics product ecosystem has become industry standards. We continue to see growing dealer demand throughout America, Japan, Germany, etc. as we expand our product portfolio," said Jerry Liu, CEO at Dobot. "We see the smart robots future, we are committed to redefining the future of industry and commerce, as well as education and research, through continuously upgraded collaborative robots."

The Stanford Mobile ALOHA Team developed a system that mimics mobile manipulation tasks that are bimanual and require full-body control. This is a high-performance, whole-body remote operating system for data collection. It enhances the ALOHA system with a mobile base and full-body remote operation interface. The data collected using Mobile ALOHA is then behaviorally cloned and discovered to co-train with the existing static ALOHA dataset and improve the performance of mobile operation tasks.

X-Trainer deploys a futuristic design and AI training platform that reflects Dobot's mission to be the future of possible. It not only inherits its innovative spirit of whole-body remote operation, but also improves the accuracy and comfort of operation to a whole new level through the design of industrial-grade collaborative 6-axis robotic arm and whole-body teleoperation main hand, providing services for education, scientific research, and Industrial innovation and technology development provide comprehensive solutions.

High Precision is the Key

With 0.05mm high-precision dual robotic arms, the X-Trainer delivers industrial-grade performance. It offers the flexibility to handle a wide range of complex operations, from precision lab tasks to real-world industrial applications.

Instant Respond

Featuring a 25Hz high-performance motion interface, the X-Trainer boasts a 150% faster response time compared to similar products, ensuring swift and efficient operation.

Efficiency is the Result

Reduce training time by 70% and autonomously complete dishwashing or other simple tasks in just 2 hours. The integrated master-slave robotic arm, combined with a removable base platform, dramatically increases efficiency and deployment flexibility. It's easy to deploy and use in various environments, catering to the needs of research, education, and industry.

Flexible Expandability

Dobot offers a software platform specifically designed for data training, supporting basic teleoperation and trajectory recording functions. It generates data formats suitable for AI training and provides an open API interface for user-driven data training and research, expanding the platform's application possibilities.

AI Training Platform for a Seamless and Innovation Experience

Combined the AI power with Robotics, X-Trainer provides a software platform exclusively designed for data training, supports basic remote operation and trajectory recording functions, and generates data formats suitable for Mobile ALOHA training. It also provides an open API interface, allowing users to conduct data training and research based on their own platform, expanding the possibilities of platform applications.

All-in-One Mobile Base

The main robot arm is integrated into the movable base platform, which greatly improves the equipment's deployment flexibility and ease of use, making it easy to deploy and use in different environments.

Unlimited Versatility in Various Applications

Educational Research:
  • Teaching AI and robotics concepts in schools and universities.
  • Conducting experiments and research in robotics laboratories.
  • Developing AI algorithms and machine learning models.

Household Robots:
  • Offering automatic dishwashing and laundry folding solutions for busy households.
  • Assisting with household chores such as cleaning, organizing, and gardening.
  • Providing companionship and entertainment through interactive features and voice assistants.

Price & Availability

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