DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) Introduces Industry’s First Product Access Cloud, Acadia
Wednesday, May 22, 2024
by: Kelsey Laush

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DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) a leading provider of product content solutions, is introducing the industry’s first product access cloud, Acadia.

DDS has been building solutions to the most common problems encountered in delivering rich, complete product content through a single source in real-time to enable B2B e-commerce. Acadia brings together these capabilities into a single platform giving users access to the product information needed to drive B2B e-commerce growth.

“The introduction of Acadia is the result of years invested in solving product content challenges with our customers and is a new path forward for DDS as we are now making the tools we have been building for our largest customers available to all members of the DDS network through a single, common platform” said, Matt Christensen, President, DDS.

Acadia provides DDS customers with the ability to view and edit their rich product content in real time without a PIM, align their product content with the specific needs of each channel partner, authorize access to their product portfolio and product content and gain awareness of the quality and quantity of their e-commerce product data.

The introduction of Acadia also provides access to Acadia AI. DDS has developed generative AI capabilities that can deliver results that are both accepted and recognized by industrial experts through Acadia AI.

“The development and introduction of Acadia is the direct result of listening to the needs of our customers and building the features that deliver the experience their end users deserve and help them exceed their e-commerce revenue goals.” added Colleen Ehrhardt, Vice President, Global Sales, DDS.

Acadia makes it easier for both manufacturers looking to share their product data with their distributors through a single source and distributors looking for a simplified process to enhance the product information on their e-commerce site as well as many other critical business systems.

“Acadia provides our network members with an unmatched ability to gain insights and make enhancements to their product data through a single source. As a former B2B e-commerce site owner, the real-time edit capabilities, product category alignment and detailed insights into the quality of my product data that Acadia provides would have been invaluable. Being able to bring these capabilities to all of our DDS customers will unlock significant value for all of the manufacturers, distributors and partners in the DDS network.” said Andy Carlson, CMO, DDS.

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