Exotic Automation & Supply Launches Exotic Air Systems Division, Specializing in Industrial Air Equipment
The company’s air systems division brings air compressor expertise and large product offering to the market.
Thursday, June 20, 2024

Section: Press Releases

New Hudson, MI

Exotic Automation & Supply, a premier Fluid Power supplier in the Midwest, announced today the launch of their new air division, Exotic Air Systems. The Exotic Air Systems division will provide Industrial Air Equipment Solutions ranging from compressor equipment sales to assessments, installations, maintenance and repair services.

“98% of manufactures are using compressed air in their plants to power machines, systems and tools”. Steve Orlando, Executive Vice President said. “While we have provided customers with compressed air piping for several years now, the big question we were always asked is when we would provide industrial air system products & services. We’ve been working behind the scenes to build Exotic Air Systems into what it is today and now with this official launch we are happy to provide customers with the knowledgeable service team & products they’ve been asking for.”

The company has been working on their Air System strategy for the past five years by strategically growing their team and partnering with key players in the market. To provide the best air system offering for customers, Exotic became an authorized distributor for Kaishan, the third largest compressor manufacturer in the world. Kaishan manufactures over 70,000 compressors yearly and offers a variety of compressor options including Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Industrial Vacuum Pumps, Centrifugal Air Compressors & ORC Power Generators.

In addition to Kaishan, Exotic Air is also an authorized distributor for other leading air equipment brands including Hertz, Vanair, Powerex, MTA, Great Lakes Air, Sayor-Beall, Sauer Compressors, Huber, Champion, Samuel Tanks, Parker Hannifin, Mikropor, Clean Resources, Dekker, Edwards, and VP Instruments.

Exotic Air Systems provides full-service air solutions including on-site evaluations and assessments to identify savings opportunities and reduce costs. If a new system is needed, Exotic Air provides installation services covering everything from demolition, electrical and piping to equipment setup. Maintenace & Repair is critical when a system is down and Exotic Air Systems’ 24/7 technicians support customers to ensure their facilities are fully functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

“I am very proud of the division Exotic Air Systems has become.” Ken Maran, Service Director said. “I’ve been in the service & installation industry for over 25 years and the capabilities and work ethic this team provides is un-matched. We’ve built a team who is strategically located throughout Michigan & Indiana to provide the quickest response possible and assembled a product portfolio of over 25 leading industrial air brands. Our 50,000 square foot warehouse is stocked of chillers, compressors & tanks ready to be installed in customer’s facilities.”

In addition to service capabilities, the company’s product portfolio includes a wide range of solutions including compressors, filtration, compressed air pipe, dryers, air receivers, tanks, oil water separators, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators, blowers, chillers, dynamic temperature control units and heat exchangers. To learn more about Exotic Air Systems, visit www.exoticairsystems.com.