AHTD Announces Future Leaders Program
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
by: Leigha Schatzman

Section: Press Releases

AHTD is proud to announce the new Future Leaders Program for all members.
Success in today’s business environment calls for a deep and broad leadership perspective. Managing a workforce with diverse ages, values, and thinking styles is a daily challenge. Increasing productivity with fewer resources calls for leaders with the know-how to help employees adapt to change. AHTD provides continued professional development to emerging leaders in member organizations by offering a Principles of Leadership Excellence (PLX) curriculum. PLX will help you equip your talented, high-potential employees to become your next generation of leaders.
The Principals of Leadership Excellence series contains six modules. These modules will be delivered over the course of four consecutive AHTD conferences beginning with our Fall 2019 Meeting.
Who should enroll? Whether you work for a Manufacturing Member or an Automated Solutions Provider/Distributor Member, Future Leaders Program is invaluable to any new supervisor, manager, or other emerging leader with talent and high potential. Experienced managers who have not had any formal leadership training will also benefit from this program. This program offers an opportunity to gain knowledge and learn the skills and behaviors necessary for effective, successful leadership.
The training will be offered during the first day and a half of each conference to align with the normal schedule for these events. There is more detail provided on the AHTD website. This format allows Future Leader participants to also experience the Welcome Reception, Product Showcase Reception, and the final party that are scheduled during conferences.
One of the unique elements about this program is the distance learning component that continues to provide micro-bursts of training totaling 2.5 hours per month during the five months between conferences. Participants will complete the monthly training on their own schedules. This approach reinforces the leadership competencies over a continuous 19-month period without having your emerging leaders out of the office for extended periods of traditional classroom training. 
Check out the website and call Leigha Schatzman for more information.