AHTD Members Share & Inspire: Murrelektronik
Thursday, December 3, 2020
by: Murrelektronik, Inc.

Section: Newsletter Articles

Murrelektronik LogoWhen facing a global pandemic and resulting economic downturn, among other sources of turmoil, an announcement of unprecedented company success is not what you might expect. And yet, that’s exactly why we’re writing this.

Earlier in the year, like many companies, we had to transition to a new way of carrying on business. Our tradeshow appearances and conference attendances were all put on hold or cancelled, the majority of our employees had to learn how to work remotely, and our favorite way to interact with customers—sharing a handshake and a meal—had to be sacrificed in order to preserve the health of our organization and theirs. This year hasn’t been easy, but if there’s anything we can say when looking at the numbers, it’s that we found incredible success in a time when we might have expected it the least.

Let’s start with the story our employees have been living. Many of them surely faced a learning curve when moving their primary workspaces into their homes. Not only did they have to find a more creative way to utilize company resources, but they faced many personal hurdles in solidifying a new work/life balance. But we can proudly say that the qualities that drew them to Murrelektronik, and the qualities that Murrelektronik looks for in all of its employees, are the qualities that have allowed them not just to adapt, but to also thrive in the new structure our company now implements.

The flourishing they have experienced with their work has generated a number of new products that have increased sales this year and will continue to drive growth and change in the many years to come. They have also worked hard to both maintain relationships with our existing valued customers and lead us to opportunities for relationships with new industry partners. And because of these successes, we have seen a record number of shipments to drive company revenue to an all-time high. Not every company has seen the same growth we have this year, though, and Christmas will be a difficult time for many families in these trying times, so in an effort to give back to the community, our company, partnered with our employees, will sponsor Christmas for a local Boys and Girls Club in Georgia. The future may be uncertain, but we see a lot of hope and want to do our part to share it.