Drive Sales and Stand Out from the Competition with the Superior Product Content Your Customers are Asking for—Delivered in the Precise, Web-Ready Format you Need
Monday, June 14, 2021
by: DDS (Distributor Data Solutions)

Section: Newsletter Articles

DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is the leading e-commerce product content provider serving the wholesale distribution industry. Developed by veterans of the industry, DDS helps manufacturers and distributors facilitate an exceptional e-commerce experience for their end-user customers with the most robust product and marketing information—and the most intelligent, efficient content delivery system—available in the marketplace.

DDS works with dozens of leading industrial automation manufacturers to facilitate faster, simpler delivery of next-generation product content to power distributors’ e-commerce websites. DDS currently offers e-commerce-ready product content for more than 1.2 million industrial automation SKUs, with more new products and new lines being added weekly.

Better Content + Better Delivery = Better Experience.
Our advanced technologies and processes allow us to deliver more of the rich content and digital assets than other providers can. We’re talking everything manufacturers make available to help market and sell their products, including complete features and specifications, multiple, hi-res photos and videos, 360-degree product views, a multitude of supplemental documents, marketing descriptions, and more.

Plus, we keep it maintained via regular, automated feeds direct from manufacturers, passing along updated information to distributors as soon as it’s available, so your customers can always count on you for the most complete, accurate product content.

The best part is, DDS’ CONTENT/io (Content-as-a-Service) solution automatically matches to your unique product file, eliminating the time-intensive process of having to manually match each manufacturer’s rich content to your product IDs, saving an estimated 12 hours each time content is delivered.

Here’s a diagram illustrating how our CONTENT/io solution works:

Get better, more robust content from all your suppliers in the format you need—automatically. We customize our automated, scheduled exports to your specific e-commerce platform and other business systems, eliminating manual manipulation of manufacturer product files and giving you regular product updates as soon as they are available.

Because better content means a better experience—for you and your customers.

If you’re ready to upgrade your product content experience, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.