Why Check Your Notifications
Monday, July 19, 2021
by: Mara Dickson

Section: Newsletter Articles

If you haven’t noticed already, you soon will notice that LinkedIn has started letting you know there is information and some messages on the platform targeted especially to you. These alerts come from the LinkedIn algorithm noticing your activity, from following companies, and from your connections.

Check out the bar at the top of your LinkedIn page that looks like this…

How many new network requests, messages, and notifications have your received? I took a shot of my top line to show you what my alerts look like each day. I hope that you won’t leave yours looking like this for too long! Notice the 32 circled in red hovering above the bell shape, one of the central icons on this header?

That is where LinkedIn notifications live.

You will receive a notification whenever:
  • you are @-mentioned (tagged) in a post or in a comment,
  • one of your posts receives a reaction, a comment, or share,
  • any post you are tagged in receives a reaction, a comment, or share,
  • any post that you have commented on gets another comment or reaction,
  • people view your profile,
  • first connections share or reshare a post with a hashtag you are following,
  • new connections share a post,
  • a company you recently followed posts an update,
  • first connections celebrate a birthday or a job promotion,
  • companies you follow post an update…
I give you this list to impress upon you how important it is to look at each one of the notifications and other alerts, and respond when appropriate! The more you interact with people on LinkedIn, the more beneficial will be your time spent.

Now go out and check your notifications! Enjoy!

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