Why Connect with People on LinkedIn?
Monday, July 19, 2021
by: Mara Dickson

Section: Newsletter Articles

At the risk of stating the obvious, connections matter. This is not a new concept for those in AHTD because networking is one of the main benefits to be gained when joining the Association for High Technology Distribution!

Connecting with other industry professionals gives a variety of benefits, including access to a group of industry experts with valuable business experience, exposure to related businesses for partnerships, joint ventures, and areas for expansion, and mentoring opportunities to share and exchange insights that help future leaders in their progress.

These benefits extend onto LinkedIn!

Beyond mere vanity metrics, setting up a meaningful network with industry contacts is essential to business development, and LinkedIn allows us to maintain these connections in between in-person meetings.

While participating in discussions around different posts, click on the pictures of people you encounter, click connect on their profile page, and write a brief message to accompany your request to connect.

Once connected, the benefits will be immediate. With first connections you may create one-on-one or group conversations to share posts, your feed will show much of what they’ve reacted to, you will see posts that @-mention them, and you will receive notifications of the posts they’ve created and shared.

Take advantage of this opportunity for your business!

Please be sure to connect with LeighaAHTD, and me, and follow our community hashtags to watch for posts on the AHTD LinkedIn page to keep up with the best in industrial automation. We are #doinghightechbetter, together!