Top 10 Reasons Distributors Choose DDS
An in-depth look at why distributors partner with DDS for next-generation e-commerce product content.
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
by: DDS (Distributor Data Solutions)

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DDS e-BookWant to know the Top 10 Reasons Distributors Choose DDS for product content?

(Spoiler alert: It’s more than our 50-plus years of distribution industry experience.) Download this informative new e-book to learn why more and more distributors are partnering with us for the best industrial automation product content—and the most efficient delivery system—available in the marketplace.

Adapted from a bold and informative blog series, this e-book is a consolidated version of our “Top 10 Reasons Distributors Choose DDS” list—aimed at explaining why more and more distributors are choosing DDS as their partner for next-generation e-commerce product content.

As recent events have certainly emphasized, your customers (as well as your own sales staff) need access to more and better product content online, and to put it bluntly, DDS can deliver it like no one else in the industry can.

Through this “Top 10” list, we’re sharing some detail about our process and our philosophy, first to help guide distributors through the challenges and opportunities of e-commerce, and second, to educate the industry as to how our product content and related solution offerings differ from—and are superior to—that of other providers.

We’d encourage you to read this and share it with others who might like to understand our offering a little better. As we explain in this document, we are determined—and we believe uniquely qualified—to help our industry accelerate its efforts to digitize and better serve customers online.

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About DDS:
DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is the leading e-commerce product content provider serving the wholesale distribution industry. Developed by veterans of the industry, DDS helps manufacturers and distributors facilitate an exceptional e-commerce experience for their end-user customers with the most robust product and marketing information—and the most intelligent, efficient content delivery system—available in the marketplace.

DDS works with dozens of leading industrial automation manufacturers to facilitate faster, simpler delivery of next-generation product content to power distributors’ e-commerce websites. DDS currently offers e-commerce-ready product content for more than 1.2 million industrial automation SKUs, with more new products and new lines being added weekly.