Let’s Use These Marketing Minutes!
Friday, June 21, 2024
by: Mara Dickson

Section: Newsletter Articles

At every in-person spring and fall in-person meeting since 2020, I have heralded the end of your networking breaks by presenting Marketing Minutes – 22 in total to date. Covering everything from the basics of how to make changes to your profile on LinkedIn and the purpose and use of @-mentions and hashtags, to the more advanced topics of branding – both corporate and personal - as well as employee advocacy, we have all further developed our understanding about social marketing as it pertains to industrial and high-tech business-to-business marketplace.

Continuing on our Spring Meeting 2024 theme of being Better Stronger Bolder with AHTD, today’s Marketing Minute is about making the most of these Marketing Minutes!

We are ALL things to ALL people… …just NOT at the same time!

In our personal lives, some of us are parents AND children, aunts and nieces, and cousins and siblings, and in our professional life, it’s the same! We could be an employer AND an employee… a seller and a customer… even a potential hire and an interviewer. Your LinkedIn profile should show all of that!

Make sure YOUR profile shows your many sides!

In addition to your multiple ROLES, the platform serves multiple PURPOSES for different people, so, all the more reason to make sure your profile and activity shows your many sides. When you make the next round of updates to your profile and activities, keep these multiple roles and purposes in mind and make sure to show the WHOLE you, what you know, and what you are interested in learning, and you will deepen your connections as they learn to know you better!

The Marketing Minutes blog listing can be found on the AHTD website under the Resources tab. Click here for a quick link to the blogs. OH! And remember: you have to be logged in to see them. Marketing Minute blogs are another Members-only AHTD benefit! Since membership in AHTD is company-based, everyone in your company can have their own login to access these benefits. Send an email to Leigha to get everyone signed up!

Now, here is a quick guide to using all of the Marketing Minute Blog posts.

If you are looking to make changes to your profile, check out Marketing Minutes #3,11, and 19

If you want to do a better job at participating in discussions on the platform, check out Marketing Minutes #1, 4, 11, and 17

If you are looking for ideas about who you should connect with and how, check out Marketing Minutes #2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, and 18

And if you would like to get a little perspective on corporate marketing, check out numbers 9, 10, 12, 13, 15,16, and 18

More than just a time filler provided as meeting attendees settle in before the next speaker, many have found helpful advice in these Marketing Minute presentations and blog posts, and we are sure there are members reading this who know others in the office who will also appreciate this help!

If you can think of someone else in who would appreciate accessing these Marketing Minutes, take the opportunity to send them this blog post. It could be your company’s sales manager, marketing manager, HR manager – someone who could use the information for themselves of for their team! I am sure there is someone at your company who wants to improve their use of LinkedIn!

It is always great to be sharing these Marketing Minutes during AHTD meetings and in our monthly newsletters, and I look forward to continuing these discussions in the time between now and our next in-person meeting.

Please consider signing up your in-house marketer for our upcoming AHTD Marketing Roundtable, and remember to tag us on your LinkedIn posts so we can share with our networks exactly how AHTD members are #doinghightechbetter, together!