Managing Your Way to the Top
AHTD's Future Leaders Program
Monday, September 21, 2020
by: AHTD

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Now is your time to become a leader. AHTD is molding the leaders of tomorrow through the organization’s Future Leaders Program. This cutting-edge curriculum is a comprehensive, practical approach that develops the skills necessary for up-and-coming industrial automation leaders to succeed and thrive in their trade.
The Future Leaders Program captures the magic for the next generation of high performers and is for anyone driven to be a trailblazer in the industry.

Through a series of courses over 19 months, students meet in-person during AHTD’s semi-annual conferences, connecting with others in the same space and getting real-world examples. After the in-person sessions, program participants experience AHTD’s sought after networking opportunities while at these events.

Back at home the program provides facilitated virtual meetings, group projects, readings and assignments. The Future Leaders Program also has its own virtual roundtable where classmates connect face-to-face from their home or office to discuss what they are learning and experiencing.

Future Leaders Program Participants Gain Valuable Skills in:

• Trust and authenticity
• Ethics and integrity
• Adaptability and agility
• Communication skills
• Leveraging diversity
• Managing relationships
• Delegation
• Talent management

Check out what these Future Leaders Program-goers have to say.

“I have attended multiple sales and leadership trainings and none of them compare to AHTD due to the interaction and specific industry-based topics we discuss,” said Cj Gilson of Gilson Engineering Sales. “The insight this program has brought me has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering.”
This extensive leadership training sets learners up for success.

“My experience has been so uplifting and amazing. The other Future Leaders Program members were people with many different roles and responsibilities within their respective organizations,” said Tony Laughlin of EandM.  “As we all spoke and shared experiences, I was amazed to hear the perspectives of everyone.”

Are you ready to lead the way? For more information:

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