How to be Effective on Social Media
Thursday, November 12, 2020
by: Mara Dickson

Section: Newsletter Articles

During our AHTD Fall Meeting in Salt Lake City’s new feature called the “AHTD Marketing Minute”, we talked about:

1. What to do to be effective on social media.
2. What to do to make sure your posts and comments reach specific people, or people with specific interests.
3. 3 simple things you can do today to improve your LinkedIn profile.
4. The most paralyzing aspects of social media: Deciding what to post and what to say.

Today’s article will focus on the top of the list. Check out future articles as we uncover the tips and tricks to improve your impact on social media.

#1 Effectiveness on Social Media. How you decide to engage with a post will directly impact your developing relationship with your social media connection.

When you click on LIKE,
the poster sees this your followers see this
That is the end of the communication.

When you click COMMENT,
the poster sees this your followers see this
But that is not all! As you can see in the clips, both the feed and poster will receive messages similar to what happens with likes, but anytime someone else comments on the post, you AS WELL AS the poster will be informed – you are kept in the loop for as long as the post is attracting attention!

When you SHARE,
the poster sees this your followers see this
Any further interaction will occur as if you were the original poster – there will be no more involvement from the true original poster.

When you SEND, you are creating a private message in LinkedIn

Messaging has the look of 
standard email clients

In the end, the choice is yours! I suggest that you select the reaction that will create the most interaction with your connections, as that is the point of social media and will help you to strengthen your online relationships. If you want to create the greatest connection between you and your entire network, including the poster, make the effort to COMMENT. While it takes more time and thought, it provides a great way to further develop your networking power on LinkedIn.

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