What to Post? What to Say?
Friday, November 13, 2020
by: Mara Dickson

Section: Newsletter Articles

Our Marketing Minute recaps have touched upon what to do to be effective on social media, reaching the right audience, and how to improve your LinkedIn profile. Time to tackle what to post and what to say.

One of the most paralyzing aspects of participating in social media is deciding what to post and what to say about what others post!  Take a look at the types of content generally accepted on each of these social media networks. What achieves the best network engagement on LinkedIn?
What to post... where?
  • Facebook: backyard party/festival
  • Instagram: coffee-table book
  • Twitter: opinion
  • LinkedIn: tradeshow or networking meeting

Intentionally curate your content. Whether creating and sharing original videos, writing responsive text, linking to and sharing content from outside sources, creating fully original posts, or sharing posts from others, we are all working to create value for our networks.
  • Curate content
  • Provide personal commentary
  • Stories to share

Be intentional about this!  To consistently present value to your connections, take responsibility for carefully creating or selecting content and provide your own personal commentary to highlight the reasons for the share.

Contribute to yours and your company’s brand by pulling together your stories.
  1. Consider sharing ways that you are working with other AHTD members
  2. Share how you are working with customers to solve their manufacturing problems
  3. Share exciting changes in the ways you are doing business

Be sure to @-mention the people and companies involved in the collaboration and employ both companies’ hashtags to get the highest initial impressions!

Making a plan and following through with a consistent, focused approach to posting on social media will benefit everyone!

Please be sure to connect with Leigha, AHTD, and me, and follow our community hashtags to watch for our posts on the AHTD LinkedIn page and keep up with the best in industrial automation!  We are #doinghightechbetter, together!