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Mara Dickson
At every in-person spring and fall in-person meeting since 2020, I have heralded the end of your networking breaks by presenting Marketing Minutes – 22 in total to date. Covering everything from the basics of how to make changes to your profile on LinkedIn and the purpose and use of @-mentions and hashtags, to the more advanced topics of branding – both corporate and personal - as well as employee advocacy, we have all further developed our understanding about social marketing as it pertains to industrial and high-tech business-to-business marketplace
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LinkedIn Just Got Better – A Guide to Boosting Your Productivity
by: Mara Dickson



Over the last 6 years I have watched LinkedIn introduce new features to make it easier for us all to be more productive and successful, many of which have worked. They have abandoned some features which were not well-received, but that does not prevent LinkedIn from innovating, which keeps things fresh and exciting - and for that I am appreciative.
Making LinkedIn Work for You
by: Mara Dickson



With so many social media benefits for business, how can industrial automation professionals NOT be spending time on LinkedIn attracting customers, getting customer feedback, and building customer loyalty? Click here to read Mara's first Spring Meeting 2023 Marketing Minutes presentation entitled: Make the Most of YOUR LinkedIn Activity with These 5 Day-to-Day Habits, and find out how to engage with contacts both new and familiar in ways to increase your influence and that of your business!
The Hows and Whys of Creating an Employee Advocacy Program - Part II: Essential Tools and Supports
by: Mara Dickson



One of the most overlooked elements in any organization’s social media strategy is its own team. While social media is often about looking outwards at prospects and turning them into happy customers and advocates, employees at your company could be the key to unlocking more followers, improving engagement rates, and ultimately, generating more business.