Putting Your Best Foot Forward - 5 Steps to a More Appealing Profile
Mara Dickson
If you have a LinkedIn profile, but wonder how to use it, how to increase connections, what to post, how to be active, and how to make sure you look professional on the platform, well, this is the Marketing Minute for you! At Fall Meeting 2023, Mara Dickson, AHTD's Marketing Director, presented an Innovation Ignition Marketing Minute for LinkedIn to quiet just those questions. Check out, "Putting Your Best Foot Forward - 5 Steps to a More Appealing Profile", and harness the innovation ignition for your team and for yourself!
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What's in Your Calendar - 7 Fresh Tactics to Generate Ideas and Engage Your Team
by: Mara Dickson



Whether you are creating snappy content for video scripts, social media, or your website, there comes a time in the life of all content creators when we sit in front of our keyboards and have no idea what to write next.

In today’s Marketing MinuteS, I offer you 7 Fresh Tactics for figuring out What's on Your Calendar - where you and your team might find inspiration for YOUR next super-strong content series!
Making LinkedIn Work for You
by: Mara Dickson



With so many social media benefits for business, how can industrial automation professionals NOT be spending time on LinkedIn attracting customers, getting customer feedback, and building customer loyalty? Click here to read Mara's first Spring Meeting 2023 Marketing Minutes presentation entitled: Make the Most of YOUR LinkedIn Activity with These 5 Day-to-Day Habits, and find out how to engage with contacts both new and familiar in ways to increase your influence and that of your business!
What's the BIG IDEA Part 2
by: Mara Dickson



In last month’s Marketing Minute Blog, I introduced the idea of creating your company’s BIG IDEA, the “hook” that aids in recall of your company or offering’s main benefit and helps your audience remember, share, and act upon seeing your campaign. I went into detail about some successful and failed campaigns and explained (with some pretty interesting examples) how important it is to make sure to include both a variety of company stakeholders as well as members of your target audience in your discussions when considering implementing a BIG IDEA for your marketing plan. Check it out first here, and then read further to learn HOW!