AHTD Preps Next Generation of Industrial Automation Leaders
Adam Jackson noticed a discrepancy when he walked into the 2018 AHTD Spring Meeting. “There were a bunch of people who didn’t look like me, and that’s because of a generational gap,” says Jackson, 35, Regional Sales Manager – Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska for Power/mation, an automation solutions provider.

But he did spot other people his age, and after spending time with them and attending a social event, he came to AHTD Executive Director Leigha Schatzman with an idea. “I wanted to put together a group of younger future leaders and executives in industrial automation so we could build up experiences and enjoy the same benefits our mentors have had as part of AHTD,” Jackson says.
Press Releases
AHTD Announces Future Leaders Program
by: Leigha Schatzman



AHTD is proud to announce the new Future Leaders Program for all members.

Success in today’s business environment calls for a deep and broad leadership perspective. Managing a workforce with diverse ages, values, and thinking styles is a daily challenge. Increasing productivity with fewer resources calls for leaders with the know-how to help employees adapt to change. AHTD provides continued professional development to emerging leaders in member organizations by offering a Principles of Leadership Excellence (PLX) curriculum. PLX will help you equip your talented, high-potential employees to become your next generation of leaders.
Survey Shows Companies are Getting Creative to Compete for Top Talent
by: Strategic Business Partner: MRA - The Management Association



A recent Hot Topic Survey conducted by MRA on Compensation shows companies are getting creative when it comes to compensating and competing for top talent. Competitive pay is the greatest attractor; however, companies are using innovative rewards and unique benefits, in addition to base pay, to offer more robust total compensation packages.