Program Delivery

A Snapshot of the AHTD’s Future Leaders Program
Participants in AHTD’s Future Leaders Program receive PLX training coincident with four consecutive AHTD conferences. The PLX curriculum is also delivered through distance learning methods during the intervening months between conferences. The Future Leaders program is offered the first full day and morning of the second day during each of four conferences to align with the normal schedule for these events. Future Leader participants are not registered for the conference but are invited to the Opening Welcome Reception, breakfast and lunch (both days), Product Showcase & Reception, and Final Night Party. This schedule allows Future Leader participants to experience AHTD networking and industry benefits while at these events.
The Six Power Modules of PLX will be delivered as follows:
FM 2019: Trust & Influence / Communicating for Results (Part I)
SM 2020: Communicating for Results (Part II) / Culture, Motivation, & Aligning Goals with Strategies
FM 2020: Training, Delegating, Coaching & Managing for Performance
SM 2021: Building Collaboration & Managing Conflict / Leading Change & Putting it All Together
Distance Learning
PLX curriculum is delivered through distance learning methods during the intervening months between conferences. Distance learning consists of live and recorded webinars, e-learning, videos, podcasts, virtual classroom sessions, and readings. The distance learning component to PLX consists of micro-bursts of training totaling 2.5 hours per month during the five months between conferences. 
Future Leaders are required to participate in this training but can do so remotely and on their own schedule. This blended learning approach keeps participants engaged and continuously reinforces PLX leadership competencies over a 19 month period without having employees out of the office for extended periods of traditional classroom training.
Leadership Competencies Gained
Trust and authenticity
Ethics and integrity
Adaptability and agility
Communication skills
Leveraging diversity
Managing relationships
Talent management

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