Final Night Party

Friday, October 16, 2020

More details to come. 

NOTE: This experience is included in the registration and guest fee.

Evening activities are open to attendees and registered guests only.
Attendees must be 21 and older. Badges must be worn at all times.
Attendees without a badge will be invoiced for a conference registration.

Ever considered the fun of bringing your partner to join you at the AHTD meetings? 

Perhaps you have seen others with their spouses and guests having such a great time at the AHTD events, and have wondered whatever could these spouses and guests be doing all week while everyone is busy attending meetings, participating in break-out sessions and listening to speakers?  WELL… wonder no more!  Click here to find out how YOUR partner could enjoy joining you at our next AHTD meeting, and together you will enjoy a Work-cation?!  

Why not?  You already have the room and your flight paid for!