2016 Fall Meeting Key Points

Key Speaker Take-Aways

The AHTD Promotions/Communications Committee compiled nuggets from each speaker to share.

How to Run a People-First Business in a Digital-First World
Chris Smith

Chris Smith

• Be a human company
• People B4 technology
• Be obsessed with quality...need a better product & service
• Customer service is marketing
• Passion powers profit
• People care about good experiences, not brands
• Only you can write your story

How Any Company Can Learn From LEGO's Successful Innovation Management System
David Robertson

David Robertson

• Define, Decide, Decision, and Deliver
• Know what your brick is
• Put constraints around innovation to find more with less
• How do we do it better--innovate around what you do better
• Have a business promise
• Innovation is a new match between solution and a need to create value


Top Strategies to Increase Your Website ROI
Alex Harris

• Just because your site looks better doesn't mean it is better
• Track data and use it appropriately
• The faster you can test, the more feedback you can receive
• Begin design with the end in mind


Moving Ahead with POS
Mike Budde

Mike Budde

• The manufacturer and distributor should share the customer
• Distributor should set the tone of the relationship
• There has to be trust or nothing will happen
• Work with cloud based dashboards to get data the way you want/need it
• Reduce your risk of a new product launch--go to market with the correct partner/distributor


Succession Planning and the Emerging Generations
Bob Wendover

• Get proper legal and financial advisers
• Has the exit strategy been defined?
• What will you do once you retire?
• Do you have an established timeline for implementation?
• Is there a plan to replace key management if it is needed?
• Do your key managers know about your succession plan?

Getting Things Done
Zoltán Hrotkó

• Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. Your mind is not designed to remember
• Learn to surf: you can't change the waves but you can learn to surf
• 5 steps to getting things done: Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, and Engage
• Get things out of your head ASAP
• Weekly review: Get clear, Get current, and Get creative


The Geek Squad Guy
Robert Stephens

• Be different in your marketing: Be playful, subtle, tasteful, creative and fun
• Fads fade. Trends continue.
• Be honest and do the right things
• When teaching others reference something that they can understand
• Bottom line: get noticed by being different. Robert's example: driving his car around in circles at the opera


The Renaissance of Manufacturing
Jim Carroll

• New generations will want change faster
• People now expect connectivity and quick response
• Adding technology to a product accelerates its obsolescence
• Some see a trend as a threat while others see it as an opportunity
• Make sure you are working with others who are at the top of technology trends

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