Fall Spouse/Guest


Are you attending the AHTD Fall Meeting as a guest? Wondering what to do while the meeting attendees are tucked into the general session? Join the ranks for our Spouse Program and get connected with the warm and friendly folks that for years have made the most of this business trip.

The $525 registration fee grants you access to:

  • Wednesday: Guest Reception and Opening Reception
  • Thursday: Breakfast and Product Showcase
  • Friday: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast and General Session

That's not all! The centerpiece of the Guest Program has always been the "Tour Day.” The Thursday of our Fall Meeting is no exception.

Spouse & Guest Tour Day:
Breakfast: 8:45 - 9:45 a.m.
Departure time: 9:45 a.m.
Return time: 4:00 p.m.
Times are subject to change.

You won’t want to miss this day! Immediately after breakfast, we will hop on a bus to the National Museum of American History for a tour of the First Ladies exhibit that includes inaugural gowns and historical information about the country’s first ladies. We will then proceed to Lafayette Square where some “former first ladies” will take us on a walking and bus tour highlighting the contributions made by these great women to the nation’s capital.

Following the tour, you will enjoy a private lunch at the exclusive George Town Club. Known as one of the most elegant dining clubs in the United States, the George Town Club is patterned after the finest in London and Paris. After lunch, you will have the option to stay in Georgetown for a bit of shopping in the unique shops or returning to the hotel.

Round trip transportation, guided tour of the First Ladies exhibit and historical walking tour, lunch at George Town Club, and all applicable taxes and gratuities.

Questions? Contact: Leigha Schatzman at 262.696.3645.

The list of registered spouses for the Fall Meeting:

  • Ellie Allen
  • Jane Allen
  • Stephanie Bailey
  • Wendie Bailey
  • Debra Barber
  • Kathy Bramlage
  • Ruhi Buchh
  • Jocelyn Budzien
  • Margaret Budzien
  • Susan Burk
  • Debra Byers
  • Caroline Campbell
  • Stephanie Carpenter
  • Judy Clark
  • Julie Cooper
  • Angie Crump
  • Mara Dickson
  • Rhonda DiConzolo
  • Sheryl Dill
  • Jemi Dixon
  • Shannon Durick
  • Cindy Ellard
  • Sue Ermatinger
  • Tammy Floyd
  • Christelle Ford
  • Jan Freeh
  • Janet Gilson
  • Sabrina Golenberke
  • Tammy Gray
  • Rosemary Harrington
  • LIz Hayes
  • Kathy Hirschinger
  • Patti Hope
  • Lisa Humphreys
  • Trichelle Jackson
  • Cindy Jacques
  • Jami Johnson
  • Carrie Kabanov 
  • Lynee Karty
  • Kristen Layo
  • Amy Loeffelholz
  • Jennifer McBane
  • Norma Montgomery
  • Tara Moser
  • Claudia Murray
  • Amanda Nighswander
  • Shelley Nighswander
  • Livia Pitera
  • Emily Rosenberg
  • Jayne Scales
  • Beate Schick
  • Shirley Seguin
  • Diane Shirzadi
  • Teresa Shouppe
  • Barb Simonson
  • Pam Sorensen
  • Debbie Swenton
  • Vickie Tremblay
  • Ginny Udelhoven
  • Bonnie Walter
  • Patricia Wiesemann
  • Marilyn Winkler
  • Diane Wright