Fall Spouse/Guest


Are you attending the AHTD Fall Meeting as a guest? Wondering what to do while the meeting attendees are tucked into the general session? Join the ranks for our Spouse Program and get connected with the warm and friendly folks that for years have made the most of this business trip. 

The $525 registration fee grants you access to:

  • Wednesday: Guest Reception and Opening Reception
  • Thursday: Breakfast and Product Showcase
  • Friday: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast and General Session

That's not all! The centerpiece of the Guest Program has always been the "Tour Day.” The Thursday of our Fall Meeting is no exception.

Spouse & Guest Tour Day:
Breakfast: TBD
Departure time: TBD
Return time: 4:00 p.m.
Times are subject to change.

We’re off to a fun day in nearby Winter Park! We will split into two groups: one group will go on a guided cruise through the Winter Park chain of lakes on an 18-passenger pontoon boat. You will see wildlife and the beautiful homes as you cruise on the lakes and canals that join them.

While that group is cruising, the other group will travel to downtown Winter Park’s famous Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory.  There you will be able to create your own specialty chocolates under the instruction of one of their enthusiastic chocolatiers. (And of course, sampling is encouraged!) You will leave with one pound of your hand-made creations. Yum!!! 

Then the groups will switch, so everyone can experience both activities. We will gather for lunch in a private room at Chez Vincent, a charming French café. After lunch you are welcome to explore the wonderful boutiques and shops in Winter Park or return immediately to the hotel. 

Includes: Boat ride, chocolate making, lunch, transportation, and all taxes and gratuities.

Questions? Contact: Leigha Schatzman at 262.696.3645.

The list of registered spouses for the Fall Meeting:

  • Ellie Allen
  • Jane Allen
  • Mike Barnhardt
  • Cammie Borrelli
  • Emily Brei
  • Jocelyn Budzien
  • Margaret Budzien
  • Holly Cole
  • Julie Cooper
  • Jeannine Dellemonache
  • Rhonda DiCunzolo
  • Sheryl Dill
  • Jemi Dixon
  • Lisa Ferdinandsen
  • Meridith Garrison
  • Jodi Gianfrancesco
  • Sue Ermatinger
  • Tammy Floyd
  • Liz Hayes
  • Sarah Hayes
  • Lauren Hines
  • Kathy Hirschinger
  • Lisa Humphreys
  • Cindy Jacques
  • Lori Kessler
  • Jinhee Kim
  • Andrea Kite
  • Ann Madsen
  • Nancy McGuire
  • Claudia Murray
  • Norma Montgomery
  • Shelley Nighswander
  • Sherry Ott
  • Noelle Petuch
  • Livia Pitera
  • Mary Ralbovsky
  • Patricia Ryan
  • Shirley Seguin
  • Pam Sorensen
  • Mary Jo Spaulding
  • Debbie Stanton
  • Wendie Steffens
  • Debbie Swenton
  • Jill Tolbert
  • Ginny Udelhoven