Fall Spouse/Guest


Are you attending the AHTD Fall Meeting as a guest? Wondering what to do while the meeting attendees are tucked into the general session? Join the ranks for our Spouse Program and get connected with the warm and friendly folks that for years have made the most of this business trip. 

The $575 registration fee grants you access to:

  • Wednesday: Guest Reception and Opening Reception
  • Thursday: Breakfast and Product Showcase
  • Friday: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Saturday: Breakfast and General Session

That's not all! The centerpiece of the Guest Program has always been the "Tour Day.” The Thursday of our Fall Meeting is no exception.

Spouse & Guest Tour Day:
Breakfast: 8:30 a.m.
Times are subject to change.

Guided Watercolor Session
Drawing inspiration from the gorgeous landscapes that surround Salt Lake City, we will be guided through a thoughtful and relaxing lesson in watercolor painting. We will receive watercolor materials, as well as a leather-bound painting book to take home. Our instructor will share some history and perspective of the life of an artist in Utah. We'll leave the session with our very own piece of artwork!

After our speaker, we will gather for a wonderful lunch at the Grand America! It should be a fun day of learning and catching up with old friends and new!

Questions? Contact: Leigha Schatzman at 262.696.3645.

The list of registered spouses for the Fall Meeting: TBD