FLP: Instructors

Mike Connell has nearly 30 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur and manager in manufacturing, banking and asset management, real estate, franchise restaurants, and power sports dealerships. Mike believes the key to success in life is to never stop seeking knowledge and studies voraciously. His approach to management is holistic, balancing communication, goal setting, accountability, and growth.

Joe Feest is a CPLP® certified training professional. Transformational is the right word to describe Joe Feest’s training. Joe says, “I challenge how participants view themselves. They realize that they can make a difference, because I help them understand the tools and techniques they have at their disposal.” Joe specializes in a variety of leadership and management topics, in addition to customer service and time management.

Laurie Johnson brings over 15 years of experience to helping companies elevate the performance of their employees and improve productivity. Laurie has worked with organizations to help align strategic goals with workforce strategies through performance management, employee development, and change management.

Janet Kloser has followed her passion for people development for more than 20 years, assisting people to realize and cultivate their potential while positively impacting business performance. Known as an approachable and enthusiastic facilitator, this Certified Master Trainer’s background in hospitality is evident. Participants will experience an interactive and engaging learning environment with a path to self-discovery.

Cheryl Lucas-DeBerry brings a vibrant presence to every training experience. Participants report that her programs are interactive and involving, yet comfortable and fun. With her casual, inclusive style, she has a reputation for excellence among participants. Cheryl’s background includes more than 18 years of facilitating, designing, and developing training programs.

Andy Marris is a CPLP® certified training professional with 15 years of management and leadership experience in sports broadcasting, financial services, health care, and IT. He draws on his knowledge and experiences to help participants sharpen their leadership skills and business acumen. Andy makes the training experience memorable, tangible, and even entertaining.

Kathy Price draws on her experience in media management and executive education. Kathy weaves theory and practice together to help leaders gain the skills needed to guide their teams to success. Kathy creates interactive, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences by tapping participants’ expertise, using real-world examples, and having fun.

Shari Saeger led sales and service teams in telecommunications,direct mail production, and e-commerce industries for over than two decades. As a leader, she recognized that just because people knew how to do something did not mean they were able to do it—and that fueled her passion as a trainer, for helping people grow. Shari involves learners in a variety of activities, competitions and practice to build skills and confidence.

Janet Stoffer has a goal for every program she teaches: that participants leave with a solid plan to work on their challenges. Jan says, “My classes are interactive. The participants’ experiences in the workplace—good and bad—become the framework for learning. I take theory and make it practical.” Her gift for helping others “connect the dots” makes Jan a tremendously effective instructor.