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The Six Sessions of the Future Leaders Program
1. Trust and Influence: Focus on specific behaviors that promote trust and learn why and how to build a stronger, more trusting environment with your direct reports, managers, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. Higher trust leads to greater influence.
2. Communicating for Results: Everyone is in the ‘people’ business which demands high-level communication skills. Discover aspects of your own communication style, learn to adapt to those around you, hone your listening skills, and sharpen your nonverbal communication.
3. Culture, Motivation, and Aligning Goals with Strategies: Sharpen your skill in balancing greater productivity with increased employee engagement. Learn to build and maintain relationships and to assist your staff in aligning goals with organizational strategy. Strengthen your ability to analyze short- and long-term impacts of your tactical decisions.
4. Training, Delegating, Coaching and Managing Performance: Become more effective at training and delegating. Learn to coach in effective, efficient, and ethical ways. Master a consultative method of addressing issues, apply a process that gets to the heart of performance problems, and recognize vital steps to take when discipline is required.
5. Building Collaboration and Managing Conflict: Discover how to optimize the effectiveness of a team, influence others, minimize unproductive conflict, and harness practical techniques to address expected and unexpected behaviors.
6. Leading Change and Putting It All Together: Create a road map of strategies for leading change. Apply best practices for dealing with the unintended consequences of change and learn how to avoid the problems that can occur when change is poorly managed.
A participant’s Individualized Learning Plan is used throughout all six sessions of the Future Leaders Program.
Managers of Future Leaders are provided a Manager Coaching Guide that follows the sessions in the series including an overview of what is covered in each session, as well as coaching questions for discussion, to help guide and optimize the training experience in the workplace.

Future Leaders Program

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