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- Most webinars priced at $30 per person. 
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Professional and Leadership Development Opportunity for AHTD Members:

1. Building Resilience: Finding Your Strengths and the Capacity to Thrive - $30/person

Can individuals learn to be more resilient, or are some people just born with the ability to bounce back from adversity? How can you use challenges and obstacles to build momentum and greater success in the workplace for you and your team? This timely and practical session will explore the characteristics of resiliency and personal growth that fuel healthy development and greater success. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

2. Today is Different than Yesterday—Leading Your Team Through Change - $30/person

In times of rapid change, how do you lead your team through? Change management processes are necessary and will help you be successful. Yet, if you don’t pay attention to the human side - the emotional side of experiencing the change—people will struggle and productivity will suffer. This session explores how you can lead people through the three stages of adapting to change. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

3. Steps to Survive and Thrive as a New Remote Leader - $30/person

In today’s workplace, it’s more important than ever to understand the attributes needed for successful remote employees. This session will start with critical questions for you to consider as a leader of remote employees. You will walk away with action steps to assess your team members, help you identify existing strengths you can leverage, and uncover skill gaps that may need to be developed. This session will also share tips to help you successfully transition to virtual relationships. You will learn startup actions, success strategies, and common traps. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

4. Painful or Productive: How to Prepare a Home Office that Works - $30/person

As a leader of remote employees, it’s important to understand how to set them up for success. This session will begin with strategies to guide your employees in setting up their physical and digital space to be a productive home office. You will also learn ways to help your remote employees focus and function, avoid isolation, and work through obstacles that may arise. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

5. Managing Stress: Helping Others Cope and Stay on Course - $30/person

Employees look to their leaders to model focus and grace when handling their own stress. This session will explore three key ideas leaders can use with their teams to manage stress and the fear of the unknown. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

6. Managing in Uncertainty: What to Do When You Don’t Know - $30/person

Even the most proactive and strategic-thinking people get caught off-guard by unforeseen change. How you manage uncertainty can significantly affect whether a sudden change becomes an opportunity or a crisis. After this session, you will be armed with the communication tools to help successfully guide yourself, your team, and your organization through major unexpected disruptions. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

7. Everything is Urgent! How to Sort Through it All - $30/person

You are paid to get results. What gets hard in busy times is figuring what to do first when everything is “urgent”! In this session, you will learn how to identify the most important things—the things that get results—from all the other “urgent” tasks in front of you. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

8. Effectively Using Email in the Workplace - $30/person

As workplaces shift to remote offices, it is critical to use tools like email both efficiently and effectively. In this session, you will quickly obtain the skills to leverage email to increase communication effectiveness. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

9. Emotional Intelligence: Evolve as a Leader - $30/person

Can leaders show or exhibit emotions and still be an effective? This session will focus on the four characteristics of emotional intelligence to help you evolve as a leader in managing your team. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

10. Crisis Management: Leading From the Front - $30/person

Our teams and organizations need leaders more than ever during a crisis. The decisions you make – and don’t make – during a crisis have a lasting impact on your teams and your career. In this session, you will learn a manager’s top priorities in a crisis. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

11. Creating a Culture of Positivity Within Your Team - $30/person

We know that the mind is a powerful tool and it can help us overcome tremendous odds in times of turmoil and stress. In this session, leaders will take away three tools to keep their teams positive and productive. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

12. Making the most of Technology - $30/person

We’re getting used to working remotely, but how can we optimize technology to get work done and keep connected? This session will include strategies for running meetings, doing standard work and completing projects. You will also learn ways to help leaders stay connected with employees during this uncertain time. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

13. Problem Solving: Creating Solutions for Challenging Situations - $30/person

When a problem is big and complex, leaders need to break it down and keep solutions, and their teams, moving. In this program, you’ll develop this critical competency to recognize and solve problems by finding the root cause, then eliminating it through creative solutions. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

14. Unleash the Power of Teams – Increasing Effective Decision Making - $30/person

Effective leaders need to learn when to let go – of their authority. By communicating your expectations on decision-making, you can increase your team’s independence, encourage initiative, and develop key skills. Join us to learn how to unleash the power of teams! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

15. Building Team Resilience - $30/person

As a leader, your ability to persevere and bounce back amid chaos, stress and challenging situations impacts your ability to help your team do the same. Fortunately, resiliency is a skill that can be learned and enhanced. In this session, you’ll assess your own level of resiliency, and practice skills to build this essential skill in yourself and your team. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

16. Harassment Prevention: Creating a Respectful Workplace (Employee) $10/person REGISTER HERE
17. Harassment Prevention: Creating a Respectful Workplace (Manager) - $10/person

Amidst sexual harassment complaints, workplace scandals, and a growing cultural awareness of the need for respectful workplaces, preventing workplace harassment has become a business imperative. MRA is your trusted partner in helping to educate your managers and employees about their role in supporting harassment-free workplaces. These convenient, valuable training options are compliant with training requirements in all states* and will help your organization create a respectful workplace free from harassment. *California and Connecticut have unique training requirements.

18. Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace - $45/person

The legalization of marijuana in several states, the growing use of opioids, and the issue of alcohol abuse provides unique workplace challenges for employers. As a supervisor or manager, you will explore the practical steps to take to recognize and address drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, and your role in keeping the workplace safe. This eLearning module satisfies the 1-hour Department of Transportation refresher training requirement and the Iowa 1-hour supervisor annual refresher training requirement. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

19. Mastering Internal Customer Service - $95/person

Employees at all levels and experience are responsible for the delivery of exceptional service to internal and external customers. Service crosses all industry lines, including manufacturing, insurance, health care, sales, real estate, technical, and more. This on-demand customer service training will cover:

  • Six common actions that create barriers between work teams.
  • Actions that determine how we are perceived by internal customers.
  • Four quick and easy tips for building rapport with coworkers.
  • Eight ways to be more positive at work.

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