Spring Spouse/Guest


Are you attending the AHTD Spring Meeting as a guest? Wondering what to do while the meeting attendees are tucked into the general session? Join the ranks for our Registered Guest Program and get connected with the warm and friendly folks that for years have made the most of this business trip.

The $525 registration fee grants you access to:

  • The Guest Reception on Tuesday at 5:00 pm
  • Opening Reception on Tuesday at 6:00 pm
  • Breakfast and Product Showcase on Wednesday
  • Breakfast, lunch, and the dinner on Thursday
  • Breakfast and General Session on Friday

That’s not all! The centerpiece of the Guest Program has always been the "Tour Day”. The Wednesday of our Spring Meeting is no exception.

Spouse & Guest Tour Day
Breakfast: 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Departure time: 10:00 a.m.
Return time: 4:00 p.m.
Times are subject to change

Spouse TourFor our registered guest program, you will get the opportunity to explore a little bit of the culture and history of San Diego.

We’ll start the day with a 15 minute informational talk by Nancy Cobb. Nancy is the coauthor of the book, Coronado, the Enchanted Island and will give you an overview of the people and events that shaped Coronado’s history.

After Nancy’s talk, we will depart to Balboa Park, the cultural heart of San Diego. You will be able to select 4 out of 16 different museums to explore at your leisure.  And of course, we will break for a fabulous lunch at the Prado. It should prove to be a fun and informative day with friends old and new.

Round trip transportation, admission to 4 museums, and lunch at The Prado.

Attire: They say it never rains in Southern California, but you may want to bring a sweater for overzealous air conditioning and wear comfortable walking shoes.  This is a causal day of fun, so no need to wear your finest. 

Questions? Contact Leigha Schatzman at 262.696.3645.

Below is the list of registered spouses for the Spring Meeting:

  • Devra Barber
  • Ann Barraco
  • Donna Brown
  • Susan  Burk
  • Debra Byers
  • Anna Lisa Carey
  • Mariyana Castleberry
  • Kirsten Cerroni
  • Julie Cooper
  • Mara Dickson
  • Shelley Dill
  • Sheryl Dill
  • Lauren  Dill
  • Jemi Dixon
  • Kathy Dodson
  • Sue Ermatinger
  • Terri Finley
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Jody Flieman
  • Suzanne Floody
  • Tammy Floyd
  • Jan Freeh
  • Kathy Golubski
  • RosemaryHarrington
  • Sheila Hayes
  • Tammy Heiling
  • Patti Hope
  • Lisa Humphreys
  • Cindy Lee Jacques
  • Jordan Jerore
  • Tiffany Jordan
  • Mark Kan
  • Mary Kiser
  • Rick Lane
  • Wendy Laramee
  • Margaret Layo
  • Michele Lee
  • Cindy Loberg
  • Cheryl Martinez
  • Ann Mazzola
  • Nancy McGuire
  • Norma  Montgomery
  • Tara Moser
  • Claudia Murray
  • Susan O'Brien
  • Patty Ohme
  • Sherry Ott 
  • Barb Otte
  • Joan Pirner
  • Mary Ralbovsky
  • Cathy Robinson
  • Patricia Ryan
  • Lynne Scott
  • Debby Seagle
  • Shirley Seguin
  • Bettina Seybold
  • Alison Slone
  • Pam Sorensen
  • Mary Jo Spaulding
  • Rene  Steffas
  • Janet Streit
  • Danielle Swenton
  • Debbie Swenton
  • Tracy Stewart
  • Patty Talbot
  • Lori Thomas
  • Debby  Tornabene
  • Vicki Tremblay
  • Vicki Troyer
  • Marilyn Winkler
  • Jackie Witham
  • Annette Yankello
  • Amy Zaske

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