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Financial Benchmarking Survey

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Employ AHTD’s Yearly Financial Benchmarking Program to Improve Your Bottom Line

Every Spring, AHTD launches our Financial Benchmarking Program to assist managers at our member companies in achieving robust profitability and financial security for their businesses.
Are your business goals practical and achievable?
Are you ready to challenge long-held beliefs and redefine your company’s strengths?
Can you deploy your company’s resources to be more effective?

By demonstrating comparisons between your company’s survey results and the results of companies of similar size as well as those of the highest profit-performing organizations within the association, the AHTD Financial Benchmarking Survey helps members fully analyze their financial and operational data and make decisions that count!

Find out where your firm now stands and what actions you can take to improve your profitability!

This Year's Key Dates:
  • March 15, 2023: Survey launch to all AHTD ASP members
  • May 19, 2023: Cut-off date for survey participation
  • June 2023: Financial Benchmarking Reports sent FREE to each participating company
  • July 2023: Financial Benchmarking Reports available for sale

What do I need to know?
  • The survey input form is short, straightforward, and based on information contained in your income statement, balance sheet, and operating data, making it easy for member ASPs to participate.
  • Participant data is submitted directly to Benchmarking Analytics and is presented in aggregate, so all submitted information is protected and kept confidential.
  • Participation is FREE. Each participating company receives its customized Benchmarking Report for FREE!
  • The resulting Benchmarking Report is made available for purchase to non-participant ASPs and other members
  • A user-friendly interactive ‘Dashboard’ has been added to the resulting Benchmarking Report, allowing members to customize feedback reports and ‘slice and dice’ to access preferred data.
  • Graphic analysis has been expanded to improve data visualization to more easily examine trends.
  • A  ‘What If’ forecasting tool allows you to evaluate different scenarios and projected outcomes (based on changes in sales volume, expenses, etc.) to assist future business planning.

For information on how to take part, contact Leigha Schatzman today!

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